huracan cafe punta cana wedding. {candi + ryan}

December 2, 2015

Where do I even start!! Candi & Ryan are THE biggest sweethearts you’ll meet. I know this is a huge cliche, especially on a wedding blog … but I really mean it!! The closer their Wedding Day got, the more our communication with Candi resembled that of two old girlfriends who hadn’t seen each other in ages. Their Wedding was our very first one of the season in the Caribbean and coming to Huracan felt like coming home – so many hugs and happy tears (especially since we came early to show off Zion, hehe!)

These beautiful souls met through an online dating service. Candi remembers, “I moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver and only knew my roommates and coworkers. I was having a hard time meeting people, so my roommates forced me to join the website they had met on. Since they were madly in love, they thought it would work for me as well. Even though I was VERY reluctant, I joined and in no time went on 4 horrific dates. One night I was super bored and decided to scroll through all the new people who had signed up that day. I stumbled upon Ryan’s profile and told my roommate I had to meet him. What did I have to lose, right? One week later we met up and I knew there was something amazingly special about this man. Not only was he so handsome but he had an ease about him that made me feel comfortable right from Hello. We spent the whole night together from dinner and drinks to a party his friends were having for their CD launch party. We ended up spending the whole weekend together … and every weekend after that. We have been inseparable ever since.”

Please enjoy this gorgeous Huracan Cafe destination wedding in sunny Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!

huracan cafehuracan cafe punta canahuracan cafe bridal roomhuracan cafehuracan cafe

Hair & make-up by the amazing Anna Nuet. anna nuethuracan cafepunta cana wedding photographyhuracan cafe weddingshuracan cafe beach weddinghuracan cafehuracan cafe mayte mari

Gorgeous decor by Mayte Mari.huracan cafe mayte weddinghuracan cafe mayte decorhuracan cafe decorhuracan cafehuracan cafehuracan cafehuracan cafe decorpunta cana huracan cafe weddinghuracan cafehuracan cafe

Top three things Candi loves about Ryan: “I love how comfortable he is in his own skin, he knows who he is and never deters from that. He is so calm and cool, it takes a lot to rattle him and even then you would never know. Easy going is his middle name; I love how he is up for anything especially if it involves me, our dog Yogi and a cold beer on a hot day!” 

huracan cafehuracan cafe

Top three things Ryan loves about Candi: “How beautiful she is, on the inside and out. I love how she is able to make me smile whenever I look at her and the way she can always finish my sentences and is always thinking the same thing I am.”huracan cafehuracan cafehuracan cafepunta cana wedding photos

Candi, on the Proposal:

“My parents booked a family vacation to Punta Cana to celebrate our family and the life of our Granny who had passed away the year before. When we got to the airport, we realized Ryan’s passport was expired and he was not allowed to fly! So while I was making my way to meet with family in Punta Cana, Ryan was running all around Vancouver with the ring in his luggage, trying to make a miracle happen. Luckily he was able to get everything sorted out (after many hours of chaos) and hopped on 3 connecting flights to catch up with us. We celebrated by going to a beach BBQ, and on the way, saw a beautiful wedding gazebo. Of course I wanted to take a picture, it was so pretty! 

Side note: we have been together for 6 years, and when people ask us when we’re getting married, Ryan always brushed it off with ‘one day…’ so my mom made a joke about how funny it would be if Ryan got down on one knee to propose and when I saw him he would say ‘one day’ and laugh (which is not funny in the least, haha!thanks Mom). Once at the gazebo, Ryan and I hugged to take a picture and when I looked away, he got down on one knee with the ring in his hands. I looked back at him and thought he was joking, so I kind of pushed him and said Fuck Off and walked away laughing. As I was walking away, my sister said ‘Candi you might want to turn back around.’ That’s when I saw the ring and realized he was serious!!! Of course I said YES!” 

huracan cafe wedding

First Touch…huracan cafefirst look destination weddinghuracan cafe punta canafirst look punta cana weddingpunta cana bridespunta cana weddingpunta cana wedding kids

Candi: I love that he believes in me and us so much. We have gone through some very tough times and it has only brought us closer.”

huracan cafe beach wedding

Ryan: “I love that she can always finish my sentences… and I love it when she says “see ya tomorrow” every night before bed.”

punta cana wedding photographerpunta cana beach weddings

Ryan: “We are such a good team and she is always there to have my back. We always having fun together and always make each other smile.”

dominican republic beach wedding

Candi: “I appreciate how Ryan takes me for who I am and loves me anyway. I am the complete opposite of him in every way but he sees through my tough exterior and brings out a better person in me. We have so much fun together and I’m so grateful for his patience with me.”

dominican republic wedding photographerpunta cana wedding photos

Candi’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “sangria and pizza…. How can you go wrong!”

Ryan’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “beer and pizza.”

huracan cafe weddings

Ideal day together according to Candi: “My ideal day would be for us to all sleep in (Yogi, our English Bulldog, likes to wake up early sometimes). Make breakfast and drink coffee on our deck. Spend the day by the water with a cold beverage, then BBQ for dinner. All the while playing with Yogi, as he gets very impatient if we do not pay attention to him for even the slightest moment.” 

huracan cafe punta cana wedding

Ideal day together according to Ryan: “That day would start off with us sleeping in. Then I’d get up and make her breakfast and enjoy the morning. Then we would pack up and take Yogi out to a watering hole, sit back, and relax with some drinks. After a BBQ dinner, cuddle up on the couch and watch some of our favourite shows.”

punta cana weddingspunta cana beach wedding

Most romantic memory together according to Candi: “After we got engaged Ryan told me that when he was on the flight from New York to Punta Cana, he was listening to the Chris Young album and found our song. So after dinner went down to the beach so he could play it for me. It was so romantic, just the two of us sitting in the sand with the moon shining bright and the waves crashing on the beach. We talked and cried and cuddled just reminiscing about what he went through and how everything came together in order for him to even be in Punta Cana, let alone be able to propose.”

punta cana beach weddings

Most romantic memory together according to Ryan: “What Candi said! It was the most romantic time we have had together.”

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Candi: “Ryan’s super power is definitely his ability to make everyone around him happy. No one ever gets mad at him. His friends always say ‘how can one be mad… it’s BooBoo!’”

Ryan: “I think if Candi had magical powers she would be able to fly. She always has big ideas to travel!”

huracan punta cana weddingdominican republic wedding photographers

When you are upset or irritated, what’s a way your fiancée can make you melt?

Candi: “Ryan does not have a serious bone in his body, so when I am not in the happiest mood he always has something funny to say. It can be really hard to be mad or upset when he is around. He usually gets our dog Yogi involved as well. They corner me on the couch and tag team giving me kisses until I crack a smile.”

Ryan: “When I have a bad day I always get home before Candi, so what melts me is when she walks thru to door saying honey I am home…”

best punta cana weddinghuracan cafe wedding photos

Naked Cake by Ana Bello.punta cana naked cakehuracan cafe wedding

Candi’s favourite guilty pleasures: “Chips would be my guilty pleasure. I could eat Lays Original chips all day every day.”

Ryan’s favourite guilty pleasure: “I always have to have chocolate.”

ana belo cake bavarohuracan cafe punta cana weddingpunta cana huracan receptionhuracan cafe weddingshuracan cafe fire showhuracan cafe receptionhuracan cafe weddingshuracan cafe wedding

Zion-the-baby-Lion’s first sunrise as our assitant for a Rock the Dress session!
punta cana wedding photographerrock the dress wedding

Candi: “My favourite gift from Ryan besides my amazing engagement ring would be the heart necklace he gave to me for Christmas one year. I have never taken it off since he gave it to me and he laughs at me all the time because he thought I would wear it only on special occasions.”

trash the dress punta cana

Ryan: “My favourite gift from Candi would be my PS4, she gave it to me for my birthday!”unique punta cana wedding

Ryan: “I love Candi’s beautiful curves.”

punta cana dreams wedding

Candi: “I love Ryan’s eyes, they are the most beautiful blue, each one is a different colour and the left one actually sparkles.”

dominican republic sunrise weddingrock the dress punta cana

Candi: “Ryan has taught me to try to relax and enjoy life more. I am always constantly thinking and worrying about everything and in turn I stress myself out for no reason. He always lets me vent then calms me down and shows me that maybe it’s not worth getting upset over things that are out of my hands. He just takes life as it comes and I admire that about him so much.”

trash the dress punta canapunta cana rock the dress photos

Ryan: “Life is different now because I have the best life partner I could ask for. When I need someone to lean on she is always there, when I want to laugh she is there. She is always there to support me when needed. Without her I don’t know where I would be.”

punta cana wedding photographer


What did you love most about your Wedding?

Candi: “1) Being able to spend so much time with our amazing friends and family. Everyone came down for one week. We had 3 days with everyone before the wedding and 3 days afterwards. So much love was surrounding us for that week, we could not ask for more. 2) Seeing Mayte’s vision for our wedding come to life. It was so amazingly beautiful, she put so much love into our wedding and worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect!! She is truly one of a kind, you cannot beat her magic!! 3) Getting to see the looks on our guests’ faces when the fire dancers came out. They are phenomenal, truly a must for any wedding. Most importantly, marrying the man of my dreams!!”

Ryan: “What I loved most was making Candi my wife.”

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

Candi: “I regret not being more specific with some of the vendors. I gave the DJ a list of examples for each part of our wedding, thinking they would follow my lead and find more songs but all they did was play my list over and over and over. It was very noticeable to the point where guests were asking what was going on with the DJ. I also wish I was more honest about my hair and makeup. While my hair and makeup was beautiful, it was not exactly what I had in mind. I went last and we ran out of time. The same was with Ryan’s hair. We kept asking for it to get done but it never did and the wind got a hold of it and was in his face the whole ceremony.”

Ryan: “Other than my hair not getting styled……NO WAY, NO REGRETS!”

Most memorable moments from the Day / Wedding week:

Candi: “1) Getting to the resort, our flight from Vancouver was late so my parents and all my family from Winnipeg got to the hotel first. When we got off the bus everyone was already there to welcome us. It was a very emotional moment and still makes me cry and when I think about seeing my parents, sister and family all excited to see us! 

2) Our First Touch, I cannot even explain the emotions I felt. I broke down as soon as he walked up to the door. It is very special as the day goes by so fast and it’s hard to remember everything but I remember this moment so vividly. The amount of love was so overpowering in that moment. 

3) Seeing the man I have spent the last 7 years with standing at the altar in front of our family and friends waiting for me to come and meet him. It is the most overwhelming feeling of love you could ever have. Not to mention very sexy!!!”

Ryan: “1) The First Touch and gift exchange was an amazing experience, filled with lots of love and tears. 

         2) The first time I saw Candi, it took my breath away.

         3) Our first dance, we got a moment to ourselves to check in and tell each other how happy we were in that moment and to say I love you.”

Comments about vendors, resort etc

“The Dreams Palm Beach is a beautiful resort and the food is over the top. Even the buffet was great. The only downfall was that the resort pumps out weddings every day, so a lot of the evening entertainment was cancelled because they were having a wedding where the event would normally take place. So at night, it is not as entertaining as some of the other resorts out there. 

Diego and Manuel from Cores Entertainment were so much fun! Manuel went out of his way to make sure we were comfortable and having fun with everything he asked us to do. We cannot wait to see the video!!

Anna Nuet is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She fit in with my family and friends so nicely, we did not have a dull moment while we were getting ready. She is very talented, everyone looked beautiful. 

Mayte and the Huracan are unbelievable. Mayte is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She is this little ball of love and fire. She puts so much love and energy into each and every wedding. I could not have replicated my wedding even if I tried. Everything was done down to the littlest detail – the bows in the bridal room even matched my décor. The food is beyond delicious, we had guests who have been to countless weddings say that our food was top 2 for sure. The staff was great as well, we had one waitress Jesse from our tasting that stayed with me until our wedding was complete. She was there for me with anything I needed and was so very sweet. There is only one Mayte, do not look any further as she is truly the best. We will be friends for life, and I cannot wait till she comes to Canada for some cold weather, warm clothes, cocoa and a blanket…..right Mayte?!!  

Katya, Rob and Zion…..I cannot even put into words how much I love them!! They have been there for us for almost 2 years of planning and have now become family. I have had countless emails to Katya about all the things good and bad and she has always been there for me with so much love and encouragement. I was very reluctant to have a destination wedding but Ryan encouraged me to look into it. I am so glad I did!! The first thing I found was Katya’s blog and I fell in love with her style of photography. Katya’s photos are so beautiful; you can tell she puts all her love and soul into each photo. Her blog is amazing, it literally holds your hand and guides you through every decision you need to make for your wedding. Venue, flowers, hotel choices, your dress colour, you name it, it’s there. Most of all, Rob and Katya are 2 of the most gentle souls, who love life and appreciate every second they have. I was so honoured to have been able to spend time with their little family and got to meet Zion. He is ridiculously cute and shares both Rob and Katya’s soul. We are so proud to call them friends!!”

5) Any advice for future Brides/Grooms!

“Make sure you do what you want, at the end of the day the only thing that matters is you and your partner. When we told everyone we were having a destination wedding, we ended up having the worst backlash you could imagine and it really affected some of our relationships with friends and family. BUT at the end of the day, it’s about what we wanted and could see for ourselves. We are very happy we decided to go with our gut and continue with our destination wedding. 

It will go very fast and to be honest I do not remember a lot of the day. Just try to take in little moments and hold on to the feeling of amazing joy and love that everyone there has for you and your partner.  

Try and extend your vacation as long as you can. We had everyone come down for one week. It was so nice to be able to spend such precious time with them. Once everyone left we moved to another resort for another week (Paradisus Palma Real, honeymoon style. We really recommend this as it gave us much needed time alone to really relax and enjoy each other.”

OUR DEAREST CANDI & RYAN!!! We truly adore you guys and are so happy to have you and your amazing families in our lives. THANK YOU for your genuine hearts, you make the world a better place. Can’t wait for more adventures! xoxo, Katya, Rob & Zion.



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