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July 24, 2014

Angie & Jerome met 13 years ago after their High School Freshmen orientation.  Angie’s eyes sparkle as she remembers, ‘he was sleeping on his belly on one of my good friend’s bed.  All the girls at the get together were in frenzy over this really cute kid named ‘Jerome.’ Apparently, he was really popular around town but I had no idea who he was.  So I walked over to him and smacked him on his butt to wake him up and introduced myself.’  

They dated for a short while in high school, but any relationship at 14 years old would be short-lived. ‘We remained very close friends throughout high school. I had a really bad break up my junior year of high school… Jerome had always been my shoulder to cry on when things got rocky, but one day he finally told me how he felt about me, and the rest is history.’

Now Angie & Jerome are both teachers in their hometown, in the same school district where they fell in love.

They are so amazing together. You just know – it was always meant to be. Angie is so graceful, intuitive, kind, and beautiful in every way. So is Jerome – in a handsome and noble way.  🙂

I have to thank my wonderful past Bride (and now dear friend) Tanesha for recommending us to Angie…

As always, applause for Mayte Mari & Nati for the fabulous decor & ambiance at Huracan Cafe: the perfect ‘Bohemian Beach Bum feel’ …  and to Anna Nuet for highlighting Angeline’s natural beauty.

Here’s their Big Day through our eyes … ENJOY!!
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Nati behind the scenes with her wonderful helper, daughter Julia!
nati huracan wedding decor

Jerome Jr. is destined for movie screens! mother son wedding love

Anna Nuet is one of THE girls.anna nuet hair make-uphuracan cafe weddingswedding etsy signshuracan cafe wedding ceremonyhuracan cafe bodaspunta cana weddingdominican heat

‘Jerome has pushed me to make myself better. He has given me tough love when I needed it. He’s been my support when I thought I couldn’t be strong enough for myself.  He is my other half. Everything is better because he is a part of my life.’     

huracan cafe bridal suite

‘My life is different because Angeline makes me better. She makes me want to strive for more and do better for her and my son. She has been the most supportive person other than my mother and father that I have ever met, and I know that together we are destined for great things.’

bridal boudoir punta canagorgeous destination bride

Tanesha photographed Angie in New York, so that Angie could gift Jerome with a beautiful album of saucy Boudoir images on the Wedding Day! sexy bridal boudoir

Angie, on the proposal:

‘It was spontaneous and casual, in a setting that was unpredictable (our home). 

Getting engaged was a very touchy subject for me. We had been together for 8 years, lived together for 3 years, and had a 4-year-old son together. I was at a point in my life where I was ready to get married. I would get upset anytime our family or friends brought up marriage/engagement, because I thought the day would never come. So, after a while, I just refused to speak on the subject.

Jerome proposed on our 9-year anniversary. He was still in school finishing up his Masters degree at the time. I did not expect him home until late that night… Jerome surprised me and came home early. We went out to eat at a little Italian Restaurant across the street from our home to celebrate. The funny part was that the following day was wacky Wednesday at my school, so I had styled my hair up in two pigtails, which were teased out and wrapped into buns. Here I was, sitting at dinner looking like Princess Leia’s jacked up sister with no idea of what was about to happen!!!

After dinner we went back home and took our dogs for a walk around the park. Jerome started talking about marriage and was teasing me. I kept telling him I didn’t want to talk about it. Finally, I just snapped and went on a good 15-minute rant about why I wanted to get married. I was telling Jerome how I deserve to have that special moment with him, and how I want to share the same last name with him and our son. I just went off!  He started laughing at me, which then really pissed me off. ‘So lets do it,’ he laughed, ‘let’s get married.’ That’s when he got down on one knee.  It was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything but his white teeth smiling at me. Anyone who knows my fiance knows how he’s a prankster, especially at my expense! I didn’t see a box or a ring, so I thought he was messing with me.  My reaction was smacking him on his shoulder and telling him to shut up.  But when he didn’t stand back up I realized he wasn’t kidding. I bent down closer to him and saw the ring … I got so excited I jumped on him!!’

mayte mari brideshuracan wedding ceremonywedding ceremony huracan

Our Beloved Mayte Mari.mayte mari weddings

Beautiful ceremony by Pastor Mark.huracan cafe beach ceremonybeach weddings punta cana

‘Jerome always thinks about me first. He is constantly checking up with me at work to make sure I have eaten. He will just show up to my school and drop off lunch for me. On days that I am running late I will walk into the kitchen and he has packed a lunch for me (and I’m not allowed to peek at what it is until I get to work). Usually, because there are tons of snacks that he knows I don’t usually eat but can’t resist if they are in front of me. He is considerate and always treats me like his Queen.’

unique beach weddingshuracan cafehuracan cafe wedding

Angie’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘yellow American deli CHEESE!! My son and I will sit on the kitchen floor and sneak slices. Jerome calls us mice!’

Jerome’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘orange juice and Kit Kat bars.’

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‘Angie’s ability to be superwoman is incredible. She worked full time while going to school and took care of our newborn baby while never skipping a beat. She dropped everything and came running to me when I got injured twice in college. She is also the most amazing mother. And in a world where everything is so fast-paced and busy she finds time to slow everything down and reign me back in. She is truly the amazing…’

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Most romantic memory according to Angie: ‘Jerome played football for Penn State, so whenever I had a break from school and could get off of work I would drive up to visit him for a weekend or week. This particular weekend as soon as I had gotten to his school there was a snowstorm.  We were snowed in the entire weekend and did not leave his room.   It was nice just being so isolated in there with him.’   

Most romantic memory according to Jerome: ‘Our trip to Vegas for a weekend in college is my most romantic memory to date. We literally spent the entire weekend just enjoying each others company and nothing else in the world mattered but us.’

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Angie: ‘I love it when we have a lazy day in our PJ’s together, snuggled up on the couch with our son, watching our favourite movies or TV shows.’

Jerome: ‘An ideal day together would be waking up to an amazing breakfast and go travel somewhere. I would love to be able to just up and go for a day or two without any hassle and treat Angeline to a nice getaway.’

dreamcatchers wedding decor

Angie’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘raw cookie dough and cake batter. Jerome hates it when I sneak and eat both!’

Jerome’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘pizza, late night cereal, and fried oreos…’

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And here’s our Lacy’s second EVER photo session … magical sunrise with Angie & Jerome. huracan cafe sunrisekatya nova sunrise

Jerome: ‘I love Angeline’s eyes. They represent her to the fullest – always bright and forever changing colours… just like her mood!’  🙂

punta cana sunrise rock the dress

Angie: ‘I love Jerome’s lips, I love how even after 10 years his kisses still give me butterflies.’

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Angeline shares: ‘When I was 20 years old I found out that I was pregnant with our son. It was a scary time. I was young, still had not finished college, and Jerome was away at school playing Division I football for Penn State. My son has been my motivation since the moment I knew he was growing inside my belly… He helped me grow into womanhood, has showed me that I am stronger beyond any measure I thought possible, and has given me love that I never knew existed. He is my best friend and I am so grateful that he picked me to be his Moma. A few months after he was born I got this tattoo (of his not-so-tiny little feet). I placed it on my back as a reminder to myself that no matter how hard things may get,I will forever have tiny little footsteps following behind me and watching how I overcome obstacles, and for that reason, giving up is never an option.’

back tattoo intimate portraitspunta cana intimate portraitspunta cana intimate portraits



What did you love most about your Wedding?

Jerome: ‘Watching Angeline coming down the aisle. We chose not to do a first look. I wanted to save that moment of us seeing one another for the first time as she walked down to me.’

Angeline: ‘Incorporating our son in our ring ceremony. The look on his face when we called him over to us was priceless. He brings so much joy into our little family. Jerome and I wanted to present him with a ring to show that we are just as committed to him as we are to each other.’


Any regrets, what would you have done differently if you could?

‘We have no regrets. Everything was absolutely perfect.’


Most memorable moments!?

Angeline: ‘My most memorable moment would be our Rock the Dress session we had. It was such an intimate, sexy, magical time. Katya and Lacy made it feel like it was just my Husband and I in the water. It went from capturing some nice shots during sunrise to grown and sexy under a pier in the nude. In the words of my husband, our session went 0 to 100 real quick. Lol!

My second most memorable moment was meeting with Mayte Marie for the first time. It was such a magical moment for me. You speak to someone for over a year, exchange e-mails about ideas and concerns you have while planning a wedding thousands of miles away. Then you share with her two huge, life-altering events in her life. When you finally meet them it’s like your heart is just overwhelmed with so many different emotions. I just could not wait to meet her half way up the beach to just hug her and hug her tight. She is so pure-hearted and so devoted to the brides she works for. I love her and appreciate all she does. Mayte is very very special person.’

Jerome: ‘I loved being on vacation with our entire family. Specifically, the time we spent by the pool. By the third day all the employees knew who we were and would reserve an entire section for our large group of 18 + people. At the end of our vacation they were just as sad to see us go as we were to leave. We even made some long term friends with some of the employees and keep in touch with them weekly. It’s nice to hear from them and see how things are over in paradise.’
Comments about vendors, resort etc

Mayte: There are no words in any dictionary to describe what a beautiful woman she is. From the minute we met it felt like we were long lost girl friends catching up on life. Her vision and passion is pure genius. She made me feel at ease and truly handled everything on the big day.

Pascal Keller: (Caribbean Emotions). Pascal was our videographer. He was so much fun. What I loved most about our video were the moments he captured and no one ever knew he was there.

Katya & Rob: Ok so …… LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them! All of my family and friends are still talking about them. Their vibrant personalities, fun conversations, and great sense of humour just added so much to our big day. Leading up to our big day they were so very helpful. It can be stressful at times planning a destination wedding. From our very first e-mail exchanged over a year ago they were their to help relief any stress I ever had.’


Any advice for future Brides?!

‘Get a videographer!!! I was hesitant to get one, but Jerome convinced me. For the first time ever in our ten year relationship he was right about something! (hahaha!) The day goes by in a blur because you are in such a high that you don’t really get to take it all in. I have watched my video about 5 times and each time I laugh at something new, see a detail I didn’t notice before, and love reliving those special moments. Plus, Pascal is awesome !!!!!’ 🙂


Angie & Jerome, you two are amazing … so inspiring – and you have such a beautiful family!!! Thank you, from the depths of our hearts, for sharing your LOVE with us!

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