huracan cafe punta cana wedding .{aida + emil}

July 3, 2014

Aida and Emil first met at a concert outing with mutual friends. Even though they didn’t really talk much that night, their eyes kept locking on one another. 

A few months later they were set up on somewhat of a blind date by a couple of friends. ‘From then on,’ Emil remembers, ‘it was a bit of a game of cat and mouse. We would go on group dates but neither of us would really let our guard down. I blame shyness on our part, but also the fact that I really liked her and didn’t want to show it too much, for fear of seeming over-eager.’ 

Here’s their beautiful Huracan Cafe wedding, flawlessly styled by Mayte Mari & Nati. 

aida emil weddinghuracan punta cana flowershuracan wedding photoshuracan cafe wedding

New added touch to the bridal suite by Mayte! bridal suite huracan

Aida: ‘There was a bit of an uncertainty in the beginning, but something about his calm demeanour made me feel secure and trust that it would work. When summer ended, I went back to school. As I was without a car, he would come see me any chance he got. When I decided to transfer to a school closer to home, he selflessly questioned my decision. And when I decided to go to law school and make both our lives miserable through the process, he was one of my biggest supporters. We would go days without seeing each other, or only when he would bring me lunch to the library. He never asked for more than I could give and when I felt like I was losing my mind, I knew I could make one phone call and he would calm me down. I’ve always been able to rely on him, and he has never broken my trust, two very important things in any relationship.’

huracan bridesdestination wedding garter

Anna Nuet working her magic. huracan wedding photoshuracan wedding decorbest friends wedding photoshuracan wedding photosdestination wedding shoes

According to a Russian tradition, the groom must ‘buy’ his bride … One of their friends agreed to be the ‘Fake’ Bride on standby in case not enough moola was raised… Witnessing him get glammed up was priceless!
fake bride fake russian bride

Top three things Aida loves about Emil: ‘1. He is the most loyal and selfless person I know. He keeps his word and you can always count on him. 2. Our mutual love for dogs, and all other animals too! 3. He’s the perfect balance in a life partner. Emil is the type of guy who will work on his car or fix practically anything in the house, and then wash up and make dinner for us if I’m working late. He is masculine but sensitive when it matters, and he understands what it means to work as a team. That is huge.’

huracan beach weddinglouboutin wedding shoes

Top three things Emil loves about Aida: ‘1. She always keeps me honest. I’ve always been able to lie my way out of things – not anymore!! 2. I can talk to her about anything. From cars, to soccer, shoes, work… anything. 3. I love Aida’s shared love for dogs. I don’t think I could live with someone who doesn’t love dogs.’

unique beach weddingspunta cana wedding pier

Favourite things to find in the fridge:

Aida: ‘Cold wine. Cheese. and Pasta.’

Emil: ‘Shatila Pistachio Ice Cream. and Pasta.’

punta cana weddings

Aida, on the proposal:

‘Emil knows I’m not easily surprised. I catch on to things pretty quickly and I have ruined quite a few surprise gifts throughout the years we’ve been together. Which is why the proposal could not have been more of a beautiful disaster. During a camping trip, we went to the beach and I thought it was very wise to lay out all day and not reapply sunscreen. By the time we got back to the campsite, I was red and burning up, and all I wanted to do was take a cold shower. I found the loosest-fitting clothes I had (which were also horribly mismatched), and hurried to the shower, not realizing I forgot to bring an extra towel, my hair brush, and only had a spare loose bikini to change into underneath. When I walked back to our campsite after the shower, I noticed everyone was standing around and a couple people had cameras. Then, in a moment of sheer panic and excitement, I realized Emil was PROPOSING! I did yell and I did cry. My skin was a shade of lobster red, my hair was still dripping wet, and I looked a total mess, but at least Emil successfully surprised me. I wouldn’t take that moment back or change it for anything.’

dominican republic weddingspirate wedding photos

Most romantic memory together according to Aida:

‘I really loved when we both spent the night for the first time in our new house. The house was completely empty except for a blow up mattress we set up in the living room, and we ate pizza and drank wine and watched a movie off Emil’s laptop which was on a folding chair across from us. It was comfy and strangely satisfying.’

pirate ship punta cana

Most romantic memory together according to Emil: 

‘I’m not this huge romantic, but anytime we go camping, I think we get much closer to each other. ‘ 

romantic beach wedding

Aida’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Online shopping, ‘Real Housewives’ of Wherever, and … Vodka.’

Emil’s favourite guilty pleasure: ‘Modifying my cars. Definitely.’

cortecito bavaro wedding

Emil: ‘Because of Aida, I look at the concept of Family differently than I did before. Both her and her parents have a very strong family bond that my parents never really had, so it definitely showed me a different perspective of it.’ 

unique beach weddings

Aida: ‘In our 8 plus year journey together, Emil has taught me what is important in life, and how all the simple things we think are crucial in the moment don’t matter as long as you have your health and the people you love close. Not only has he been my backbone through the years, but he’s been my confidant and my best friend.’

mayte mari weddingsbeach wedding

Aida & Emil LOVE dogs and made time to give a couple of beautiful beach puppies some love. At home, they have a dog named Luna: ‘she’s some mutt, pitbull-American bulldog-terrier-mix thing. She looks like the dog from Snatch, except the one in the movie is the evil twin. A friend posted her picture on Facebook (that Luna was going to the dog pound if she didn’t get a home), so we unexpectedly took her. She’s very sweet and loving inside the house and turns into a devil child when she goes outside, but we love her all the same.’

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Childhood memories:

Emil: ‘One day I was going home with my elementary school ‘gf,’ who lived in the same building. I wasn’t paying attention, opened the elevator door and took a step. My ‘gf’ grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me back. The elevator carriage wasn’t there, I was stepping into the empty elevator shaft.’

Aida: ‘I recently thought of this and wanted to tell Emil… When I was in elementary school, I would go to my best friend’s pool in the summer time. Our favorite treat: take chocolate ice cream and mix in Chips Ahoy chewy chocolate chip cookies (the red box). Yes, it was that specific!! I never had that kind of junk food at my house because my parents rarely bought processed foods. I now know those things are horrible, but I still can’t resist wanting to try it again, preferably by a pool!’


huracan cafe fire show


What did you love most about your Wedding?

Aida: ‘my DREAM TEAM!! None of it would have been possible if it wasn’t for everyone involved – Katya & Rob, Mayte Mari, Nati, Anna Nuet… just anyone and everyone who helped put it all together and document it!
The Crazy Show / Fire Show was fun and a nice surprise for all our guests.
The Fake Bride! He was perfect. I wish I saw the look on Emil’s face when he came out, but I heard all the guests bust out in laughter and it made my day.
And lastly, the dog that followed us in during our entrance! Not only are we obsessed with dogs so it’s perfect that happened to us, but the dog looked strangely similar to our Luna!’

Emil: ‘I loved the Fake Bride, the Crazy Show was great. Loved the music our DJ played!’

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

Aida: ‘I really wish we could have kept partying. The rain hit, music stopped, and everyone probably felt how much they had had to drink (+ the humidity). We are a big party group, so leaving at 1am was my biggest surprise.’
Emil: ‘I wish the rain wouldn’t have scared everyone away. Not sure, maybe I should’ve threatened everyone that if they leave early, I’m deleting them off Facebook! Haha.’

Most memorable moments!?
1. ‘We arrived to the DR a day or two after the majority of our guests because we needed a direct flight, so when we met up with everyone for the first time in the outdoor bar area of the resort, everyone started cheering and greeting us, and I was overcome with the love and support for us. This was also when Emil saw his uncle for the first time in years, so it was emotional for everyone involved.
2. Seeing Emil when he successfully purchased this ‘ball & chain.’
3. I can’t pick a particular moment, but spending time with all our friends and family. We had so many people fly in from different states and different countries, it was amazing to have all of them there in one place. I wish we all stayed for two weeks or more, but I know that no time would be enough.’

1. ‘The first time I saw Aida in her dress. She’d had that thing for over a year and managed to stop me from seeing it.
2. Seeing my uncle for the 1st time in 16 years was a very emotional moment.
3. Getting jipped w/ the fake bride was one of the funniest things!’

Comments about resort?

‘We stayed at the Majestic Elegance and wouldn’t have done it any other way. Every resort is a hit or miss in one way or another, but we found this resort to be within a good price range for everyone, with good food and drink selections. Some people complained about rooms and some people got sick (groom included!) but that’s with any hotel in the Dominican. They had fun daily activities at both the pool and the beach, and we loved our private ocean view balcony. Overall, we knew what to expect and left satisfied.’

Any advice for future brides?!

‘I stressed a ton right before we left, it was hectic and crazy, and I felt like I had little time to do so much. But I knew that once I got on the plane, I would have very little control over anything that would happen after, so I let go. I’m usually all about the details and very particular in the way I like things to go, especially with something as big as a wedding, but I had faith in my dream team and my loved ones that no matter what happened, it would all be okay…and it was, it was perfect.’


Aida & Emil – we LOVED you and your wedding so much… you are such beautiful people. Let’s plan a camping trip together!!! 🙂  xoxo K+R.

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    July 3rd, 2014 at 13:06

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    July 4th, 2014 at 09:11

    Thanks love! xoxo

  3. Jorge Peralta

    July 7th, 2014 at 02:58

    I am already married, but if i have to do it again, i will choose that spot. Huraracan Cafe Punta Cana.

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