huracan cafe intimate wedding. {molly + connor}

August 14, 2014

Molly & Connor met in high school, but didn’t fall in love right away… Molly: ‘Senior year, I transferred to Connor’s high school. We ended up in the same Anatomy class and were paired up as lab partners. I guess the romantic task of dissecting a cat sparked the romance! He crushed on me but had no idea I felt the same way. He graduated in December after our one semester of class together and went off to college 3 hours away. We didn’t talk for a few months but one day he got in touch with me because he said he couldn’t get me off his mind. We started talking more and more. Then, one weekend in April he drove home to take me on a date … he then continued to come home every weekend after that to see me…and the rest is history!’ 

They knew a destination wedding was the way to go and chose the wonderful Anne Lisle of Castaway Travel to point them in the right direction. Molly & Connor’s sunset Huracan Cafe wedding was everything they’d dreamed of!! Nine of their closest family members joined them in Punta Cana, it felt so intimate, stress-free, and harmonious!

Molly was our very first Bride with a baby bump: they have a little baby girl on the way – she is coming into this world any day now!!! You’ll see how gorgeous and radiant Molly is – it’s AMAZING!!!

Mayte Mari & Nati poured their hearts into setting up a stunning ceremony site, reception, and dinner table, once again transforming Huracan. Enjoy!!

huracan cafedominican republic wedding photographersdestination weddingsmayte mari huracan

The uber-talented Krystie Ann… krystie ann make up hair

Molly, on the Proposal:

‘For Valentine’s Day, Connor gave me plane tickets for a trip to Washington, D.C. On the last night, we went for a walk on the Georgetown Waterfront where we reminisced on the past 4 years together. He was extra sentimental and more talkative than usual. By the time we got to the end of the waterfront for the second time, he got down on one knee and I suddenly understood why he had been so anxious all night! It was a very private and secluded proposal, which made it an exceptionally romantic moment.’

pregnant bride destination weddingpunta cana wedding plannerhuracan cafe weddingshuracan decorpunta cana huracan

I’m so excited to finally introduce KARLA, one of the amazing new associates who’s joined Katya Nova Photography … It’s the first time we’ve ever shot together – she’s absolutely incredible! karla punta cana

A beautiful First Look before the ceremony… huracan first look

LOVE.wedding pregnant belly

Most romantic memory together according to Connor: ‘sharing our faith during a night walk/swim.’

gorgeous pregnant bride

Most romantic memory together according to Molly: ‘probably the proposal because I know how much thought he had put into it and how nervous he was.’

huracan first lookfun wedding photos punta canapunta cana beach wedding

Molly & Connor couldn’t escape getting photobombed by a group of teenage tourists from the capital, Santo Domingo.  🙂
photobomb weddingpunta cana wedding flowerspunta cana weddingshuracan cafe beach ceremonydominican republic weddingshuracan ceremonyhuracan cafe katya nova

Connor’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘The Originals & Vampire Diaries. Also, Reese’s Cups.’

Molly’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Chocolate! … anything chocolate. Also, Fresh fruit topped with Greek yogurt and vanilla granola.’

huracan wedding menu

Out of nowhere, came the most stunning sunset I’ve seen in Punta Cana TO DATE. Karla & I looked at each other, wide-eyed, and stole Molly & Connor away from family portraits for  a few minutes, as we knew these magical colours wouldn’t last long… wedding pink sunsethuracan sunset weddingpunta cana wedding sky

Huracan Cafe’s famous lobster salad. huracan cafe wedding menu

Is your mouth watering yet?!huracan wedding lobsterhuracan vintage decor

Connor: ‘If Molly had magical powers, she would use them to create a loving home for every rescue dog on the planet.’night wedding portraits

Molly: ‘We love our rescue dog named Champ. We took him home with us before he became heartbroken when his sister was adopted away from him. He’s our very best friend!’

bride groom love dogs

Next morning, Karla & I came over to one of Cap Cana’s most beautiful beaches (which we could use because Molly & Connor had rented a condo there). This sunrise Rock the Dress was dreamy and romantic. Molly was such a trooper, even though she wasn’t feeling well! katya nova weddings

Molly: ‘I love Connor’s chiseled jaw and blue eyes. To me, those are his most irresistible features!’

beautiful pregnant bride

Ideal day together: ‘sleeping in to the sound of waves crashing & spending every second of the day together… or, relaxing outside (or on the lake) with our dog, Champ.’

cap cana wedding photos

Karla, thanks for catching me in action! At first I wan’t going to post this – but I think it’s kind of fun for our blog readers to see me behind the scenes – I don’t know too many people who can show up to ‘work’ like this!  🙂 katya nova photographer

And here’s Karla doin’ her thing! She’s like a ninja with her camera!  🙂 sunrise rock the dress

Top three things Connor loves about Molly: ‘her beauty, strong-willed nature, and her smile.’

Top three things Molly loves about Connor: ‘his generosity, his stubbornness, and his soft side that only I get to see.’

cap cana wedding photos

Connor’s favourite gift from Molly: ‘My Oakley hoodie. Most worn piece of clothing I have.’

Molly’s favourite gift from Connor: ‘A cross necklace since he was the one to share his testimony with me and bring me closer to God. He had it pinned on silk in a beautiful box (which he said was for the love notes he writes me).’

punta cana wedding photographer

Connor: ‘I really appreciate Molly’s willingness to do anything for our family.’

Molly: ‘I really appreciate the little things Connor does, like when he leaves me a sweet note on the counter.’

punta cana maternity portraitscap cana intimate portraits

One of the last frames from our session … and a favourite ‘maternity’ shot of mine. It feels so peaceful and … connected. punta cana baby bump photos


What did you love most about your Wedding?
‘Definitely the special time my husband that I got during the First Look before the ceremony. It’s a special moment I will always remember. Still gives me butterflies!!’ 🙂


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?
‘Not one regret! Especially happy with my decision to splurge and use Katya Nova & Karla as our photographers. We searched and searched for photographers and though some were more affordable, this just wasn’t an area I could bring myself to cut back on.’


Most memorable moments from the Wedding?
‘I loved holding hands and looking at one another as we committed our lives to each other. I also loved sneaking away from dinner to feed a precious beach puppy lobster on the pier!’


Comments about vendors, resort etc
‘The vendors we used were all amazing. Mayte Mari and Nati at Huracan Cafe captured the look I desired perfectly for both the dinner reception table and ceremony canopy. Krystie Ann did my hair and I was Incredibly happy with the end result. No trial run needed, Krystie is so talented! Pastor Rick York’s associate Pastor Mark Lykins made the ceremony very heartfelt and personal. He had everyone tearing up! And a big thanks to Anne Lisle with Castaway Travel for finding the absolute best in the business and putting this great team together.’


Advice for future brides?!
Wear your hair up!! I struggled with this decision because I love my hair down in photos but with the beach breeze and slight humidity, it felt great to have it pulled away out of my face and not have to worry about adjusting my hair all night. Also, 100% “Rock The Dress!” Sand washes out and saltwater dries, but the pics and memories we will have forever!’


Molly & Connor – we made so many memories together in such a short time! We especially LOVED sharing the most magnificent sunset with you, feeding and snuggling puppies, and witnessing the magical stillness at sunrise in Cap Cana. From the bottom of our hearts, wishing your beautiful new family all the best!!! Katya+Karla.

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