hard rock punta cana wedding. {s + s}

July 16, 2014

When Rob & I showed up to S & S’s ‘All White Welcome Party’ at Eden Pool, we knew this would be no ordinary wedding. We were surrounded by beautiful life-loving people who really knew how to get down and party!! S & S glowed the brightest, rocking out to sexy Caribbean beats from their awesome DJ.

They met and fell in love at work, at the NYC Board of Education. I bet the romance was steamy – there’s such potent, undeniable chemistry between them!!

Here’s their fabulous Hard Rock Punta Cana wedding… Enjoy!

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Top three things she loves about him: ‘I love his smile, his laugh, and how he would do anything to make me happy.’

hard rock brides

Top three things he loves about her: ‘I love that she’s independent, beautiful, has a big heart.’

hard rock groomdestination wedding hard rockOn the proposal: ‘We were on vacation in the Dominican Republic.  I was so shocked! Stan was so sweet – he started by telling me how much he loves me and how he wanted me to be the mother of his kids…’

hard rock punta canahrpc wedding

A beautiful, emotional First Look!hard rock first lookhard rock punta cana first look

‘He understands me and often makes sacrifices for my happiness. I appreciate him so much in my life!’first look punta cana

‘I love that she is very supportive and sweet to me & everybody around her.’

hard rock brides

Her favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Reality TV.’

His favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Sleeping in!’

hard rock groom

Do you have a nickname? If so, what’s the story behind it?

Her nicknames for him: ‘Papa Bear, Hunny Bunny and BABE!’

His nicknames for her: ‘Babe, Cookie Monster, Baby!’

hard rock punta canahard rock wedding ceremonypunta cana hard rock

‘I love it when he comes and puts his head on my shoulder and tells me everything will be ok, or when he brings me chocolate chip cookies – my favorite food!’

‘I love it when she massages me.’

hard rock ceremony

‘I love how he keeps me grounded and helps me to see life in ways I never considered before.’

hard rock brides

Favourite things to find in the fridge:

Hers: ‘Ice Cream, yogurt, fresh salad, SWEETS, and of course Jerk Chicken.’

His: ‘Haagen Daaz (Swiss chocolate and almonds), and of course curry goat or chicken.’

hard rock beach wedding

Most romantic memory together: ‘Our lobster dinner on the beach in Dominican Republic the day he proposed to me. It was absolutely beautiful, you could see the reflection of the light in his eyes!’

dominican republic hard rock

An awesome Fire Show at the Eclipse Lounge!
hard rock fire showhard rock receptionhard rock receptionhard rock foodhard rock dance floorhard rock punta cana receptionhard rock katya nova


What did you love most about your Wedding?

‘All the love we received from our family and friends. We didn’t expect around 80 guests to join us when we decided to have a destination wedding!’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

‘Time management … although we wanted our day to flow somewhat organically, we didn’t expect to be behind on time for the majority of the day. You can imagine the anxiety!’ 


Most memorable moments from the Day?

‘Our All White Welcome Party the day before was soooo fun! It started off with never-ending rain which had us panicking like crazy, then suddenly thanks to God it stopped. We all ended up in the pool dancing with our clothes on. Good times!!!’ 

We also really enjoyed our First Look… it was so emotional seeing him for the first time! OMG it brought tears to my eyes (tearing up just thinking about it). All of the preparations and realizing we made it to that moment. He says the moment he saw me in my dress for the first time made him fall in love all over again.’


Comments about vendors:

Katya & Rob are the absolute best so warm and welcoming with their magnetic energy! After corresponding for so long it was like meeting friends! We love them and so did our guests. We do not look at them as photogs, but as our dear friends. If you can book Diego Films – do it! Juan and Michael were incredible – the very best and very understanding, such as awesome team!! We miss them!’


Any advice for future Brides!?

‘Enjoy the day to the fullest, there may be hang-ups and things may not go according to plan, still stay positive and enjoy yourself, your man and family. After all, it’s the one day you’ve waited for for so long, so let nothing destroy your spirit!’


Our dearest S & S, you two have the biggest hearts and are so obviously in love – it’s amazing! Can’t wait to see you again when we’re in New York!!  Love, K+R.

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