hard rock punta cana wedding. {natalie + josh}

April 11, 2016

Natalie & Josh met at work. They became friends first and took it slowly. Falling in love was easy, effortless, and made them feel alive in a whole new way.

Their Hard Rock Punta Cana wedding was perfect: an intimate celebration with loved ones, countless bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, and unforgettable memories to last a lifetime. Wow.

Truly, soulmates. This term gets overused, but there is just no better way to describe these beautiful humans. Natalie, Josh, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this magical Day with us!!! xoxo Katya, Rob & baby Zion.

hard rock punta cana wedding

Top three things Natalie loves about Josh: “His smile (especially when it meets the corner of his eyes), his sense of humour (we are always laughing and joking around with each other) and his sweet, generous soul.”hard rock boudoir

Top three things Josh loves about Natalie: “Her laugh, love that laugh of hers…. her competitive nature in everything that she does and likes (everything), and how she shows her love to me with her non-verbal gestures. From holding hands, to kneading on my arm. We both have the love language of touch.”hrpc wedding groompunta cana wedding boudoirhard rock wedding

katya nova hard rock weddinghard rock wedding

First Look.first look wedding hrpc

Ideal day together according to Natalie: “Waking up in a room on the beach, having breakfast in bed, going outside to play some sand volleyball, then to the pool for some water volleyball, next we’ll shower and change and head to dinner, then possibly dancing or sitting in a hammock by the beach.”first look hrpc

Ideal day together according to Josh: “Sleep in, naked time, eat brunch while watching some NFL football games, checking both of our fantasy teams, end the night making dinner together, and then watching a movie on the couch with a bottle of wine.”

punta cana wedding hard rockfirst look hrpc

Josh: “I cherish the times when we are watching a movie and she is rubbing my head and I fall asleep. It is the days when she knows I am stressed and she jokes around with me to get me out of my funk. Hearing her laugh out loud and her smile is everything to me.”

hrpc brides2016-03-27_0004

Natalie on the Proposal:

“It was amazing. Josh took me to Las Vegas to the Rock in Rio concert, featuring Bruno Mars. The first night we were there, he took me to the Linc, which is now the tallest ferris wheel in the world. One pod holds up to 40 people, has a bar inside and takes 30 minutes to complete one full rotation. We had the pod to ourselves (and the bartender). When we got to the very top, he got down on one knee and asked. It was perfect. He had the bartender record it for us. Then we went to my favourite restaurant in the city, Mon Ami Gabi, and enjoyed dinner while looking at the fountains at the Bellagio. The rest of the weekend was just as incredible.”

hard rock beach wedding punta cana dr wedding hard rock punta cana sand ceremony

Natalie: “I love that Josh will let me sleep in, buy me a Chai Tea latte on his way home from the gym, pick up my favourite snacks at the store, etc. all just because. He is always there to support me in whatever I’m working on, as well as be the best dad to all three kids.”

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Most romantic memory together according to Natalie: “We had a private dinner on the beach in Jamaica a few years ago. It was at a resort but this felt like it was just us there.”

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Most romantic memory together according to Josh: “The dinner after the proposal…sitting under the Eiffel Tower, outside on the patio, drinking a bottle of wine and enjoying the most amazing French Onion soup in the world.”

unique punta cana wedding

Josh: “Natalie threw a surprise birthday party for me in December for my 40th. She had a party bus pick up 8 of our close friends and then surprise me at the house. We then drove to Waco, TX to watch our Texas Longhorns upset the Baylor Bears.”

hrpc beach wedding

Guilty pleasures: “Both of us agree, our guiltiest pleasure is sitting on the couch all day, watching movies/football or binge watching a series on Netflix. Take out is probably part of this mix too.”

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Natalie: “Every aspect of my life has changed for the better because Josh is in my life. Being in a happy, healthy, fun relationship spills over into every part of my life. I enjoy the little details in life that I never knew I could. I am excited to wake up next to Josh and can’t wait to do that for the next 50+ years.”

punta cana destination wedding photos

Josh: “With Natalie by my side, my life is better in every way.  I know how a healthy loving, intimate relationship is supposed to be like.  I know what a partner for life is supposed to be, for each other and for our kids. It is amazing. I love that we have so many of the same interests. We are truly the best of friends, lovers, and great parents to our three kids Kennedy, Dominic, and Carson.”

hard rock punta cana beach wedding

Natalie’s favourite things to find in the fridge: “cold coke.”

Josh’s favourite things to find in the fridge:  “cheese.”  

hrpc best wedding

Natalie: “My favourite gift from Josh has to be my engagement ring. The fact that he secretly flew to Dallas to pick out the diamond and had the ring custom made, was more than I would ever have imagined. He was so thoughtful to have the ring made to be identical to my “dream ring.”’

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Natalie: “We used to play a little game where every day we had to text each something the other person didn’t know about you yet. I think we covered a lot of ground since then too!”

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Sunrise Rock the Dress.sunrise punta cana weddingsunrise trash the dress punta canapunta cana rock the dress

Here’s what Natalie & Josh wanted to remember most: “committing to each other for the rest of our lives, with our toes in the sand and eyes on one another, in front of our family and friends. Then having the best party to celebrate.”

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