hard rock punta cana wedding. {lori + chuck}

December 1, 2014

Lori & Chuck met back in college at a Tennis Match!! ‘I was an athletic trainer and he was a baseball player. One of his teammates was dating a tennis player and asked him to go to this match with him… That was Chuck’s first tennis match ever! We talked and went out to eat later that evening as a group and I drove him back to his car. The next day I pretty much invited myself to lunch with him and it was history ever since!’

Spending time with these two was truly magical. Lori & Chuck wear their hearts on their sleeve, just like we do… they are so kind, genuine, love each other like crazy, AND are so stunning together!

Here’s their beautiful intimate destination wedding at Hard Rock Punta Cana. Enjoy!!

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Top three things Chuck loves about Lori: ‘She’s a very hard worker, has a very giving heart, she would do anything to help others, she’s the life of the party, and nothing beats her personality.’

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Top three things Lori loves about Chuck: ‘He is my best friend.  I can tell him anything. I love how big his heart is and how hard he works at everything he does in life. There truly isn’t a harder working man and a more caring individual than my fiancée.’

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The most spectacular view in the entire resort… (For future Hard Rock Punta Cana Brides out there – this is building 8)   🙂  hard rock punta cana bridewedding handkerchief hard rock bridehrpc bride

First Look; Chuck is about to see his gorgeous Bride for the first time. hard rock first look punta cana weddingsunique first look photos

Lori on the proposal:

‘It was amazing. My favourite time of year is Christmas… I love everything about it. He booked a carriage ride to go look at Christmas lights. I had no idea, I just thought he was doing something nice. 

So. We parked right in front of a beautiful carriage and I asked him if that was ours. We got out and went right up to the horse and I started to pet it. I was so excited! Not going to lie, right then I had a feeling he would pop the question on the carriage ride.  Everything started to fall in place. When I asked him if we could get a picture of us in front of the horse before our ride, he found some random lady to take our picture. The moment the lady told us to get together, Chuck got down on one knee and proposed!! The lady just kept taking photos, which majority of my head was cut off.  I guess she was just as excited as I was.  I would have never guessed he was going to get on one knee in front of so many people on the street.  I was a little embarrassed that everyone was looking at us, but I can truly say it was magical. The rest of the night was a blur lol!  The entire carriage ride, I was staring at my ring instead of all of houses.  It was truly a night I will never forget.’

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Ideal day together according to Lori: ‘we would wake up go to brunch and then take our pride and joy daschund to a park to play. After that most likely we would go shopping together because that is my favourite thing to do. Lol! In the evening after a nice dinner, we would cuddle up to a nice movie or go see one.  We love movies!!’

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Ideal day together according to Chuck: ‘wake up watch a TV show with our little weenie dog, maybe let him play outside, have dinner and go to a movie or snuggle in and catch up on all our TV shows.’

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Most romantic memory together according to Lori: ‘besides the Proposal… I would say when we went on a Cruise together. It was one of the first long trips we took together. I had so much fun, I never wanted to leave. We went to a private island on one of our stops and just laid at the beach all day. It was so romantic.’

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Most romantic memory together according to Chuck: ‘It would definitely have to be the proposal.’hard rock punta cana weddingsdominican republic brideshard rock punta cana photographerspunta cana weddingshard rock weddingshard rock punta cana weddinghrpc wedding ceremonypunta cana weddingsweetweddingmomentshard rock weddingsfunny wedding photoshrpc wedding

When you are upset or irritated, what’s a way your fiancée can make you melt?

Lori: ‘We don’t ever go to bed mad, that is a promise.  Most of the time he will write me a letter or a poem to cheer me up when we get in bigger fights. It always reminds me how much he loves me.’

Chuck: ‘We always work it out and don’t ever go to bed mad at each other.’

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Lori’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘I love cheese! Also, there is our new favourite beer Apple Ale. He likes more of the fruity drinks but I like it too!’

Chuck’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Fruit Drinks, and probably cheese. 2 of the most needed things!’

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Lori: ‘I really appreciate how Chuck makes me into a better person.  He is very positive and looks at the better in people. That makes me better, just being around him.’

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Chuck: ‘She holds me accountable; she looks at things a lot more thoroughly than I do. Lori makes me want to be better all the time. I love how much she loves me.’

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What did you love most about your Wedding?

‘Honestly, Katya and Rob! I asked Chuck the same thing and the first thing he said was “Katya & Rob!” Ha! Not only do they have a gift in photography, but they are the most amazing people we have ever met. I was so nervous that day and Katya comforted me and made sure I was well taken care of in the Salon. As we walked all over the complex taking bridal photos, she made sure I was well hydrated. Chuck said Rob was the same way!!! Not only are they thoughtful, they are so fun to hang out with!!!! Chuck said he felt Rob was just one of the guys and how cool he was…… I can’t explain how much the two of them meant to us and we seriously could not have done that day without them.’ 

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

‘We really didn’t have any regrets! However, If we had to pick something we would choose “Time”…. We never stopped the day of the wedding and had to hurry all day on pictures and didn’t get to eat. You don’t realize how fast the day goes!’

Most memorable moments?!

‘First, I would say The Reveal (First Look). It was so amazing. The location of the reveal was breathtaking! I can’t even describe the emotion that I felt!!! Also, the day of the wedding we woke up and looked outside…..The weather!!! There was not a cloud in the sky. It was like God was making it a perfect day for us. The last thing I would say is the Reception…. Everyone was having such a great time and who can forget our best man???? I know there are some crazy pictures from the reception and I seriously can’t wait to see!!!’

Any comments about resort etc

‘The resort was huge, but to be honest it wasn’t that difficult to find our party because they put us all close and in the same building. The staff was amazing! They were so friendly and always wanted to help us. I would say that resort focused on cleanliness! I dropped my napkin and they wouldn’t let me pick it up. They had to get me a new one! Now the downside of the resort would be the resort credit they promote. You still have to pay 20 percent tax so they up the price of everything so the tax is about what you would normally pay. The pedicure was really short and the lady didn’t rub my feet at all!! I was so sad, lol! I will say the spa was amazing at the resort!!!!  We had a couples massage and it was magical!!! Everything was awesome! The hotel upgraded our room when we arrived which was amazing!!!’

Any advice for future Brides?!

‘Make sure you get Katya & Rob to take pictures….. I cannot stress enough the importance of having them there! Every person in our party came up to us and talked about how amazing the both of them were! You know you left an impression when the first thing they talk about is not your wedding but your photographers!!!’


Dearest Lori & Chuck! You two are amazing! Warmest CONGRATULATIONS to you and your wonderful families once again — please come visit us for your anniversary!! LOVE, K+R.



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