hard rock punta cana wedding. {kristen + eric}

January 29, 2015

‘We stood in line alphabetically in the police academy,’ Kristen starts the story of their love. ‘Every morning we had physical training. I stood next to him, in the corner, and saw a small bit of a tattoo poking out of the top of his shirt. To start conversation, I moved his shirt over and asked what it was. There was something about him that drew me in. Eric was reserved, quiet, level-headed. We would stand in line in the mornings in our uniforms for inspection, and we’d make jokes back and forth, making each other laugh. He helped calm me. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with the job, and the stress was high. He quickly became my teammate. We tried not to let others know, but I guess it was obvious that there was an attraction between us.’

Kristen: ‘For a law enforcement officer, your badge number is something that follows you your whole career and is an identifier for you. I believe the repetition of numbers in my life guide me in the right direction. I knew it was meant to be about two months into the academy… when I realized what Eric’s badge number was. 327. My birthday.’

This Wedding is especially memorable to me because of how incredibly in love, grateful and PRESENT Kristen & Eric were with each other and the experience of their Day. We had so much fun letting the day unfold and were able to do so much before sunset!

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Top three things Kristen loves about Eric: ‘I love that Eric has not lost touch with his childhood – he reminisces often about growing up and still reads comic books. I love his goofiness and that he is always so thoughtful/affectionate. Last but not least, he’s the best at picking out cards for holidays/birthdays/anniversaries and puts so much thought into presents.’  

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Top three things Eric loves about Kristen: ‘I love her beautiful big blue eyes. It was the first thing I ever noticed about her. When you first met her, her eyes and smile draw you in. Kristen is a passionate person and I love that she is crafty and can look at something and just make or bake it like it’s nothing. She has real talent.’

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Ideal day together according to Eric: ‘Waking up in the morning together and starting our day off with pancakes. After a delicious breakfast, we go grab a coffee and travel somewhere we have never been before, like a flea market or another city altogether. Later on we grab a good dinner and maybe some drinks and if we have time go to a movie or rent one to take home. And then we end our night together and cuddle up close in bed.’

hard rock punta cana

Ideal day together according to Kristen: ‘Getting breakfast. I love going out to breakfast, it’s such a smooth transition into the day. Then we go and discover new antique shops together – he looks for nostalgic toys/comic books and I love old furniture and pyrex cookware! At the end of the day, we would have a good meal at home and cuddle on the couch with a glass of wine.’ 

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As a kid Kristen always wanted to be a professional figure skater or a veterinarian. Eric knew he wanted to be a police officer like his Dad.

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Kristen on the proposal:

‘It was intimate and personal – just like our wedding. I came home from work at 7am (I worked midnights) and he was already awake, clothed and making breakfast. It was our two year anniversary. He gave me and a card and asked me to follow him upstairs but I had to close my eyes at the top of the stairs. I knew something was up. He wrote in rose petals “will you marry me” on the bed and was down on one knee. I was totally caught off guard! It almost felt like he rushed to propose because he can’t keep secrets for long and found a ring already!’

Eric: ‘I didn’t sleep all night. I wanted to wait until February to propose on the ice in Downtown Detroit, but I just couldn’t wait. So I asked her parents the weekend prior for their blessing and went for it.’

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Most romantic memory together according to Kristen: ‘When he first told me he loved me. I knew it. He wanted to say it so bad and I could feel it.’

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Most romantic memory together according to Eric: ‘It was when I was making all the plans come together for the proposal and then sharing the experience of it with Kristen. Seeing how much she loved the ring and began to tear up after I asked her to be my wife was very special to me.’

hard rock punta cana bridespunta cana hard rock

Kristen’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘A good glass of wine and a sanders hot fudge cream puff! I also have a guilty pleasure for tie-dye clothes and dancing around the house. Mrs. Doubtfire style.’

Eric’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Chocolate chip cookies are my downfall. I’m a cookie monster!’

hard rock beach wedding

Kristen: ‘I love it when Eric slow dances with me. It’s so calming and always brings me back down to earth.’

beautiful destination bride

Eric: ‘I love it when Kristen rubs my back and neck to relax me. She really has the magic touch.’

hard rock punta cana weddinghard rock brideshard rock punta cana wedding

Kristen: ‘Eric loves Marvel and comic books. He has a collection started from the 1970s! He’s also a car fanatic. I love figure skating. I skated for 14 years and had the opportunity to tour with Disney on Ice for a year and a half as a chorus line performer travelling all over the world. We both LOVE tattoos and pin up girls. We plan on getting a pin up tattoo together one of these days.’

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Kristen: ‘With Eric by my side, my dreams have all come true. My whole life, as a competitive figure skater, I was on my own and depended on no one else but myself. I was able to only do so much on my own until I met him. Because of him, I can actually come home to a beautiful home; something to solidify our hard work and to be proud of. He’s the first person I’ve trusted to do things for me, and I honestly believe they’re going to be done just as well as I would do them on my own. (Okay, a little type A personality, right?!)’   🙂

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Eric: ‘Kristen has been there for me since the day we met. She is always there when I need to vent or get something off my chest. Kristen always listens to what I have to say and always asks for my opinion. I feel wanted and appreciated by her. I have gone through some tough personal struggles in the three years since we met and I don’t think I would have made it through without her love and support.’

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Kristen’s favourite things to find in the fridge: ‘Ice cream. Wine.’

Eric’s favorite things to find in the fridge: ‘Peanut butter and anything coconut-flavoured.’

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Kristen’s favourite gift from Eric: ‘A necklace that I pointed out when we first started dating. At the time I worked at JCPenney as a door greeter and he sneaked in the store while I was working TEN FEET AWAY, bought the necklace and snuck out!!’

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Eric’s favourite gift from Kristen: ‘She got me a dream catcher when she was in Arizona for a wedding while the police academy was going on. At the time we had not been dating for that long and nothing was serious between us. It always stuck with me because it was the first thing she ever bought for me and she put a lot of though into it. I remember telling her I had trouble sleeping because at the time my father was sick with cancer and I knew he didn’t have much time left with us.’

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Thanks Karina for second-shooting and being my right-hand girl! 

Kristen: ‘I appreciate Eric’s thoughtfulness. He makes my lunches for me the nights I work doubles. He preps my pajamas and leaves the lights on for me because I’m afraid of the dark!’

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Eric: ‘I appreciate the way Kristen always includes me in everything from opinions on what should she wear to major decisions that affect us both. I appreciate when she helps me with projects around the house and takes note of what I’m doing in case she has to do it one day. I love when she asks me about my day at work and wants to hear what happened, whether it is good or bad.’

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The stunning view from the Terrace… what a dream! hrpc terrace weddingdestination wedding peacock themedestination wedding photoshard rock wedding buffetsunset hard rock weddings

The next day we ventured out to the Ojos Indigenas Ecological Reserve lagoons for a Rock the Dress session… here are a few of my favourites. Really, it’s impossible to take a bad picture of Kristen!!! ojos indigenas trash the dresstrash the dress punta canapunta cana trash the dresspunta cana lagoons wedding photosojos indigenas lagoonspunta cana rock the dress


What did you love most about your Wedding?

‘We absolutely loved how secluded and personal our ceremony and reception felt even though there were 9 other weddings going on that day. We truly felt like the day was all about celebrating us. We are so used to being controlled by a schedule, day to day. It was amazing to be absorbed by our environment and let go. You would think this is a day that you would want to be controlling because you want it just how you envisioned, but for some reason there was a sense of calm over us. We were surrounded by love, specifically for us!’

Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

‘I wish we would’ve spent a few days together after the family left.’

Most memorable moments from the Day / Wedding week?!

1. ‘Getting ready at the salon and seeing my mom through the mirror (at the booth behind me) tearing up as she watched Jasmin finishing my hair.

2. Seeing each other for our First Look. By far the most amazing experience – not to mention the awesome soundtrack from Katya’s speaker! This took a lot of stress off of the both of us and allowed us to enjoy “our moment”.

3. Spending every morning together, taking our time getting out of bed and enjoying breakfast as a couple. Then spending the day relaxing with family and ending nights with laughs and drinks. We do not get enough of that at home together, let alone with our family, and we cherished every moment. I still am craving/missing that time together!’

Comments about vendors, resort etc

‘Katya, you are SO gifted. You have an aura about you that brings out the beauty in people, and then you capture it photographs. You are a God send!!!! 

Hard Rock Punta Cana is an amazing resort, we would recommend to anyone (and plan on going back too!!) Their wedding coordinators are also very accommodating and make your wedding day truly feel special.’

Advice for future Brides/Grooms!

‘Do not stress the small stuff, because everything falls into place in the end. What’s meant to be will happen! Take small moments throughout the evening to look at each other and remember what the air felt like around you.’


Sweet Kristen & Eric!! I’m in awe of you two. You are such a beautiful Couple, inside and out. THANK YOU for putting your faith in us and making these incredibly special memories with us, they are dearly cherished!!! Please come back for your anniversary already!  xoxo K+R.



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