hard rock punta cana wedding. {jenna + john}

September 14, 2015


Jenna & John’s love story is incredible… and so is their gorgeous Hard Rock Punta Cana WEDDING!!!

Jenna: ‘Originally from Florida, Nashville was my favourite city to visit and I decided that it was the perfect place for me to live & eventually (hopefully!) have a family. The people, food, music, culture – I loved it all. So when I became single, I was Nashville bound. Shortly after my decision had been made, I was in Detroit for work when I heard that the Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean concert was in town. I HAD to go, as this concert was in several of the cities I was in for work that summer but it never worked out because of a conflicting schedule. So, when it worked out in Detroit, I was determined. It was a completely sold out show, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

 Once my coworker and I arrived to the venue, my heart sank. There were HUNDREDS of people everywhere looking for tickets and no one was selling. We ended up striking up a conversation with a rigger on the tour who said he knew someone who would be able to help. Ten minutes later, a gold cart pulled up with a cutie on the back who said he could get us in. What?!!!! While on the back of the golf cart with said Cutie, we talked about what I was doing in Detroit. I told him I work for Cadillac and he was thrilled to share with me that he just got a Cadillac and not just any Cadillac but the high-performance vehicle that I work most with! We talked all about his car and laughed that I clearly knew more about it than he did. 

He dropped us off inside the venue and said he would come back to get us after he got off stage. Not sure who he was or what he did, we thanked him and grabbed a beer    🙂 

Shortly after Luke Bryan finished performing, I heard an amazing mix of country music blasting through the speakers and come to find out, it was my Cutie, on stage, a DJ! He mixed music between sets to keep the energy going. It was a total blast! As promised, after he got off stage, he came back to get us and we watched the rest of the show from backstage. What a night!

 Dee Jay Silver (aka John) and I kept in touch for several months. Turned out, he lived in Nashville! When I told him about my move, was more than willing to share tips on what to do in the city and introduce me to new friends. At the end of the year, I needed a few more SkyMiles to make it to Platinum on Delta, so I planned a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas with my sister. John was DJ’ing out there so when we landed, we met up and had a blast of a day just eating and shopping and LOTS of laughing    🙂

 We had our first kiss that night…


 ‘A few weeks later, we met up in his home town of Austin and had a weekend that I will never forget. It felt as if we were lovers and friends for years and we have been attached at the hip ever since.

 Three months later, I finally made the move to Nashville & eight months later, we bought our first home together. John proposed to me shortly after and it was the most romantic day of my life.’

hard rock punta cana bride

 ‘I am so so so lucky to have my best friend, a true genuine lover boy, who cares about me as much as I care about him in all aspects of life. I wished for him. He is a gift to me. My angel.’jj112punta cana wedding photographer

Jenna: ‘What I love most about John is his passion for life and those he loves, his belly laugh and the way he gives. Oh, and that he loves my hair!’

John: ‘I love our friendship and Jenna’s laugh.’


Jenna: ‘I love that John loves me equally. I love when be laughs so hard that he covers his mouth with his hand. I know this is when he is really tickled!’


‘The ideal day for both of us is together on the couch watching TV. We both travel so much for work and are apart so often that doing nothing is our favourite thing.’

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‘If John had magical powers it would be any Star Wars powerful force! As for me, it would have to be flying! ‘Cause I can already read minds! Haha.’

jj318punta cana wedding photographerjj367

‘Our lives are just better in every way because we are together. Day to day life is better with him next to me or at the end of the phone.’


‘John always melts me with our hugs. They make everything better. He’s a big bear!’

hard rock punta cana wedding reception

Sunrise Rock the Dress, Macao Beach. ssjj007

‘We call each other “Booty.” Haha! It derived from “My Boo” – I would call John that and he HATED it! Hahaha, so we laughed all the time about it and it turned into Booty. We also call each other “Lover” and it means “I love you” and we both know that, no one else does.’

rock the dress punta cana

John: ‘I loves it when Jenna buys me anything Star Wars related. I also really love that she is independent.’

trash the dress punta cana

‘I really appreciate John’s honest giving ways and he appreciates my organization skills.’

dominican republic wedding photosmacao beach wedding photos

Please enjoy this extended Collection of the Day’s most treasured moments. 

Dearest Jenna & John … wishing you gorgeous lovebirds an amazing life together!! xoxo Tamara // Katya & team.



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