hard rock punta cana wedding. {erika + frank}

March 20, 2013

Erika & Frank were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. Frank is a real estate developer; Erika is a physician in nutrition and cosmetics. And… they are perfect. From the moment Erika first wrote to us, there was an undeniable connection, a recognizable affinity. I can’t even say she ‘had me at hello’ because it simply felt like we were dear old friends planning an exciting long-awaited reunion.

In one of her first emails Erica recalls, “Frank & I didn’t hit it off at all at first, and I actually ignored his calls for over a month before he finally won me back. That second date was unbelievable, I moved in two months later, and now we have been together for over a year. Our wedding date will be on our two year anniversary.” When you meet Erika & Frank, you know from deep within your bones – love looks like this; tender, playful, all-consuming. The love that makes even getting groceries fun.

Erika already knew the proposal was coming since she got to design the ring herself, but didn’t know what day it would be! Frank chose to pop the question in front of 5 of their close friends before the start of an annual summer party at their house. The celebration kicked off with a big BBQ and summer games outside… Knowing Erika & Frank now, we really wish we would’ve been there!! (Speaking of BBQ’s, Frank is a semi-professional competitive eater…he’s in shape but can eat 50 chicken wings in 17 minutes! That’s pretty wild :))

It was their Big Day. Hard Rock Punta Cana was absolutely perfect, a resort that exudes a vibe of exotic tropical luxury and modern elegance. It reflected Erika & Frank’s vibrant personalities and set the stage for a fabulous wedding, from the touching Palafito Isla Beach wedding ceremony to the intimate Element Terrace reception.

Rob adds: “While being beautiful, cheeky, and incredibly photogenic, Erica is also THE life of the party … and a doctor… talk about the total package! Frank, no wonder our wives are instant friends! Also, any guy who hilariously nicknames his fiancee ‘Jim’ is super cool in my book.”

Erika & Frank shared an amazing memory with us, of celebrating their anniversary with Love Is Art. What an incredible way to capture love! Thanks for inspiring us to do our own canvas… (maybe in time for our first wedding anniversary this April!!)

Erika’s 86-year old grandma flew to Punta Cana all the way from Idaho. Amazing. 

First Look in the quiet courtyard… Breathtaking. 

Frank: “I love Erika’s sarcastic personality, how she leaves me notes and cards and surprises in my lunches, and I love how she just gets excited over everything”

Erika: “I LOVE Frank’s heart and how caring he is about everyone he knows, I love how nurturing he is to me, I love his sense of humor.”

The list of things I love about Erika is very long, and I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface. One of those is a story of an awesome present she once received from her Beloved… “Frank got a custom apron with a photo of me shoving food in my face that says “Jim’s Hungry” and cooked a bunch of French recipes while wearing it on my birthday.”  I’m giggling as I type just thinking about this!

How can you not LOVE this girl? 🙂

Erika & Frank, we love you so. We seriously can’t wait to make memories with you (fun, unapologetic ones especially)! Let us take you to Burning Man!!! 🙂

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  1. Rick Visser

    March 20th, 2013 at 14:46

    Wow, what a beautiful album! I love the pictures on the beach. I am smiling and crying! Love you two! Dad

  2. Joanna

    March 22nd, 2013 at 12:49

    love this album!

    Also, you guys are burners?!?! I’ve been 7 times!!! Maybe we will see you guys out there sometime and we could do some playa pictures. 🙂

  3. rocio

    November 12th, 2013 at 18:07

    This made me smile and laugh at the same time and dont even know you! All the happiness in the world to you.

  4. courtney brown

    May 13th, 2014 at 07:52

    Absolutely beautiful!
    I’m 80 % set on getting married at HRPC!

    You guys look amazing

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