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December 19, 2012

All love stories are unique and precious, but Crystal & Michael’s takes the first prize.

It was a pretty uneventful morning, the day after Easter Sunday, when Michael was preparing a spinach omelet at a Backpackers Hostel in Cordoba, Argentina. He needed a hearty breakfast before his rock climbing adventure that day. Little did he know, meeting the love of his life would depend on the knife’s blade slipping and cutting his thumb, preventing him from participating in the trip. Bandaged and frustrated, he sat in the common area of the hostel watching movies on his small laptop. Michael recalls, ‘From across the room, a bright face with big, glowing eyes looked up and said loudly, “You cut your thumb?!”‘

Talking and getting to know each other felt like breathing air. Crystal & Michael learned that at the time, they were both traveling around the world for about a year, alone. Their paths were so similar and they found each other intriguing enough – they promised to stay in touch and try to meet up somewhere along the ‘Gringo Trail.’ Over the weeks to follow, it seemed they were just barely missing each other along the journey. Michael confesses, ‘She didn’t know it but I was actually chasing her around South America. I just tried to play it cool so she never knew how much I really liked her.’ They finally met in Quito, Ecuador, and started traveling together, along with some new friends. This is where they fell in love. The first time I read Crystal’s succinct account of what happened next, my eyes welled up with tears: ‘After just three weeks together we expressed our love for each other and promised to stay together. Michael asked me to come back to the United States with him at the end of our six weeks in Colombia. I did, and we spent three months travelling through the US visiting all his friends and family. In December, we moved to Perth, Australia, where we now live and work. In January, Michael proposed and I readily said YES!’

Making a home in the US and starting a family is next on their agenda. We’re coming to visit you. Wherever you are!!!

Crystal & Michael’s Excellence Punta Cana wedding celebration was a beautiful, intimate, and emotional affair.

Beautiful beyond words. In every way. 

And this little guy likes buttons best!

Last but certainly not least, THIS is why we love you so, dear Crystal & Michael. It’s the kind of love that heals the world… 

Crystal & Michael – we’re not letting you go. There are more memories yet to be made… love you two to bits. Thank goodness for Instagram!!! 🙂

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  1. Elizabeth O'Grady

    October 24th, 2013 at 18:50

    Hello, I am planning an elopement to excellence punta Cana for late April. Can you let me know what your fees are? Thank you!


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