elope in punta cana. {sasha + timofey}

September 7, 2012

Here’s another Russian elopement from Val’s Weddings! These are still a treat for me, because I don’t get to speak Russian very often, especially to couples I’m photographing. I’m getting a hang of it quickly, hehe. These ‘weddings for two’ were usually a specialty of our good friends Julia & Mark of Julia Eskin Photography, but they are about to have a baby! So, we’re lightening the load for the time being.

Sasha & Timofey came to celebrate their nuptials all the way from Moscow, Russia. We had so much fun together – and I love that they fully trusted my creative control, even when I stopped in the middle of the highway and asked them to lay down on the road! The session took place in our home of Cap Cana. The ceremony – on Secret Beach (also known as Trump Beach), then we explored the beautiful mountain viewpoint of Farallon and Cap Cana’s Marina.

We are super stoked to start photographing more couples from Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe – I really want to show my motherland to Rob in the next little while and hopefully we’ll have some awesome couples there to reconnect with! 

Much love to you both, Sasha & Timofey! xoxo

Moving on to the stunning Farallon viewpoint

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