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September 30, 2013

Remember Amanda & Chris’ super cool engagement session at the Edmonton Commonwealth Stadium? It’s time to share their beautiful wedding story! Amanda & Chris are high school sweethearts and so obviously still madly in love, it’s pretty amazing to witness. They’ve been through so much together and continue to inspire everyone around them.

Chris, on the proposal: ‘it was definitely a little nerve wracking. I was pretty sure she would say yes, but trying to get the moment right and it being a surprise made me pretty tense. It all worked out great though! We were on the ferry back from Disney World, and the castle was lit up blue… We were the only two near the bow of the ship. It was so special, private and romantic.’

Chris is a Software Engineer and Amanda – a grade 5/6 Science Teacher. The University of Alberta has been a very important part of their lives, so they celebrated this part of their history by holding the wedding ceremony at the U of A Arts & Convocation Hall. It was so unique and meaningful!

Amanda & Chris – you’re not just high school sweethearts, you’re just absolute total sweethearts!! Thank you so much for sharing this incredible day with us, wishing you a lifetime of love, silliness, laughter, and magical memories. You deserve the world. xoxoxo K+R.

Big thanks to the awesome wedding planner,

‘I love that Chris loves fun as much as I do. He knows exactly how to make me laugh. I do not understand how he always knows exactly the right thing to say at exactly the right time. I am pretty sure he can read my mind.’

The bridesmaids walked down the aisle to ‘Pure Imagination’ from Willy Wonka. For Amanda’s walk down the aisle, ‘Come What May’ from Moulin Rouge played; lastly, the newlyweds left the Convocation hall to Chris’ favourite, ‘The Imperial March’ from Star Wars. Awesome.

‘When Chris is around everything feels more whole. Better, stronger, less hectic. He balances everything. Chris is home to me.’

‘I really love Amanda’s ability to make everything fun!’

‘Chris is first my friend. And he is a truly great friend. He is honest, accepting and a great listener. When he gives me advice, I listen.’

‘Amanda & I are able to balance each other to be better together.’

‘Amanda & I are truly best friends, I love that so much.’

‘Oh, and our Panago dates are the BEST! When Chris and I were younger we did something we called Panago dates. We both love movies. We would let each order our favourite flavour of pizza, rent a movie, cuddle, and watch it at home. It was time that we got to relax together, just the two of us (plus the cat and dog) and laugh together. The movie watching usually turns into tickle fights.’

Wedding Reception: Top of the Inn Restaurant, Delta Edmonton South Hotel. 

Oh yeah, that’s a perogy on my dessert plate. So good! 

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  1. Amanda Schulz

    September 30th, 2013 at 19:43

    Katya, you are amazing. Inspiring and Amazing! We are forever grateful! So thrilled! Thank you for being the sweetest, and the best!


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