edmonton hawrelak park engagement {megan + jordon}

July 23, 2013

In high school, I remember Jordon always had the biggest smile on his face. Also, he always had a joke under his breath for absolutely everything. How amazing to witness him smile even brighter with Megan, his gorgeous fiancée.
They met on the first day of college, but didn’t start dating until halfway through the second year. Megan remembers: ‘One day Jordon asked me if I could see us being more than friends and, even though I didn’t want to lose him as a friend, I said yes and from that moment on we were always together. We knew in those first couple of weeks that we would be together forever.’ Together they’ve been, through so much. Now they are just one final exam from getting their ‘chartered accountant’ designation and so many other fantastic new beginnings!
I’ll tell you all about their amazing proposal story in October, following their autumn Edmonton wedding. For now, please enjoy these Hawrelak Park engagement photos – where Megan & Jordon shared a Prosecco & fruit picnic in the delicious sunset, while fighting off clouds of ferocious mosquitos.
Jordon & Megan – love you guys & can’t wait for your wedding!! xx K+R.

‘The best thing is when we wake up on a Sunday morning and the sun is shining in on the room and the first thing I see is Megan’s smile. That absolutely makes my day.’ 

‘Megan is unbelievably beautiful and an amazing person in my life. She makes me smile constantly because of her personality. She is the greatest person I know.’

‘I love how Jordon will do absolutely anything for me even if that means going for manicures and pedicures … He just wants me to be happy no matter what.’

‘I love how Jordon can wrap me right up in his arms it’s the best feeling. It makes me feel so safe knowing he will always be there for me.’

‘Megan’s laugh it is so infectious, when I hear it, it makes me smile. I do things that she doesn’t like just to hear it. I will tickle her (she despises this and gets mad at me but she can’t help laughing while I do it) because I know she will laugh.’

Ah, how amazing Edmonton summer sunsets are. It’s such a treat for Rob & I to shoot weddings in North America after spending most of the year in the Caribbean – feels so exotic 🙂

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