dreams palm beach wedding. {helena + kevin}

June 4, 2014

Kevin made me laugh from our very first email, it was like talking to an old friend. That’s exactly what it felt like when we met on their Wedding day at Dreams Palm Beach! He recalls, ‘Helena came with an acquaintance of mine to celebrate my Birthday one year back in Calgary… Instant crush, and then she made me work for 5 long years. What a brat.’

‘Kevin followed me around like a lost puppy. So cute,’ Helena laughs.

They really are as sweet, in love, laid back and perfect for each other as it seemed! Hope you feel our love in these images, guys! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo K+R.

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Chinese Tea Ceremony…chinese tea ceremonychinese tea ceremony

As kids, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Kevin: ‘a race car driver. Because… race cars.’ 🙂

Helena: ‘Ruler of the world. You know Pinky & the Brain? I’m the brain…Kevin is…’ 🙂

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Top three things Kevin loves about Helena: ‘she is super genuine, she makes me laugh no matter what, and she makes the best damned cupcakes. Ever.’

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Top three things Helena loves about Kevin: ‘he’s funny (and funny looking), sometimes he’s super smart (sometimes…), and he lets me be the boss.’

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Ideal day together:

Kevin: ‘BBQ’ing the perfect gigantic lamb leg my wife found and marinated.’

Helena: ‘Finding the perfect gigantic lamb leg to marinate.’ 

first look punta canafirst look dreams resort


‘Helena messed it up! Long story short, she screwed up plan A, B and C, and I eventually just found a pier where the lights just turned on at night and proposed before her hypothermia set in.’

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Favourite guilty pleasures:

Kevin: ‘Goldfish, I love fishes they’re so delicious!’

Helena: ‘Candy. Chocolate. Candy. Chocolate.’

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Favourite things to find in the fridge:

Kevin: ‘Cupcakes. Cakes. Gigantic marinated lamb leg.’

Helena: ‘Steak. Lamb. Chocolate.’

dreams palm beach

‘I love that Kevin is always super chill and he always says cute things.’

dreams palm beach wedding

‘I love Helena’s amazing personality, and her playfulness…’

punta cana weddings

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Childhood memory Helena & Kevin have never shared with each other:

Kevin: ‘A girl made me eat rocks in elementary school.’

Helena: ‘I used to put balloons into my shirt and try to bounce off my sister.’

couples in lovedreams sunset wedding

Dreams Palm Beach poolside reception…poolside wedding dreams palm beachdreams palm beach weddingdreams palm beach food

A little rain didn’t stop us from having a blast!rainy wedding daydreams palm beach fire showpoolside wedding dreams


What did you love most about your Wedding?

‘Honestly, it was so stress free, and the fact that all our closest friends and family came from as far away as Japan to celebrate with us meant everything. Great people, amazing weather and the most beautiful bride.’

Any regrets? What would you have done differently?

‘Our only regret was not booking for longer!!!’ 🙂

Most memorable moments?

1. ‘The weather leading up to the day of the wedding was a bit windy and there were a few freak five minute rainstorms which danced in and out from the coast. We both remember waking up on the day of, to the most beautiful blue sky, a calm refreshing breeze and the whole resort bathed in warm sunlight. It was so perfect.’

2. ‘Helena’s dresses. Wow. I think that’s all we need to say here. She was absolutely stunning in both of her dresses.’

3. ‘The reception was so amazing. Everything from the hanging lights, to the speeches from all our friends and family was perfect. We also had an amazing fire dancer crew surprise our guests after dinner.’

4. ‘The whole wedding group chartered our own catamaran the day after the wedding. Gliding across the ocean was so relaxing. Our captain kept our drinks full and parked us at a sandbar where the water was warm and inviting. It was everything we could have asked for.’

Advice for future Brides & Grooms?

‘Do the First Look. I know some people get stuck on the traditional stuff, but honestly, you’ll regret not having those first private moments with your wife/husband before anyone else sees you. Don’t stress, just go with the flow!

We let our guests book their own excursions, minus the post wedding Catamaran that we booked for everyone. Everything worked out great!

Have a schedule of where your wedding party will be and when. Your photographers will love you for it!

Our wedding planner Johanna took care of everything for us leading up to the wedding. When we landed, we set up a time to go over all the details with her, and from there, everything was fantastic.

For anyone reading this, you’ll know from your first communication with Katya and Rob that you are in good hands. We can’t say enough about how awesome you guys are. You were so easy to work with and it almost felt like we’ve known you guys for years before actually meeting you at the resort! Thanks so much for everything.’

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