dreams palm beach + jellyfish wedding. {sonia + tyler}

February 1, 2015

Sonia met Tyler at a bonfire he was hosting. ‘When I met him I felt like I had known him forever, he was always there for me, would come to my rescue. He was and is my “modern-day Prince Charming,”‘ Sonia says.

Their friendship grew and evolved until the chemistry was undeniable… And here we were, celebrating their bond with a magical destination wedding at Dreams Palm Beach resort and Jellyfish restaurant.

As some of you know, Rob & I had our Wedding Week at the same resort and reception – at the famous Jellyfish as well… SO this Wedding was all that much more special for us. It gives me butterflies to relive the magic.

Hope you feel the tenderness and sweetness of Sonia & Tyler’s LOVE in this Feature … xoxo K+R.

dreams palm beach wedding

Sonia, on the proposal:

‘He took me to the place where we first met, where he would host his monthly bonfires by the lake. There were mason jars with filled with candles all over the ground, creating a pathway to the lake – and the entire space was beautifully lit up.

He even hung up balloons with glow sticks inside! There was a picnic table with dinner from my favourite vegetarian restaurant and my favourite cake – red velvet!! A few feet away by the water there was a fire set up with a blanket and pillows – it was like a date from the Bachelor! After dinner he took my hand and led me to a rock by the water, where he knelt down on one knee and proposed.The ring box had an actual spot light on the diamond ring! When I opened the box I was so distracted by the bling that I didn’t even hear a word he said, we laughed so hard and then I asked him to start over, haha. We ended the evening by the fire, reminiscing about our relationship and how we went from strangers who met at a bonfire to 3 years later at this same spot being engaged!’

dreams palm beach bride

Tyler on the Proposal:

‘It took a lot of planning and effort. We walked around and spent the entire day together, starting with going out for breakfast, then a little lunch. I took her for a pedicure and then brought her to the exact spot where we first met. It was on the beach in downtown Toronto where you can see the entire city. Only this time it was decorated with candles and lit balloons. There was a bonfire lit for the two of us as we got to our spot. I had one of her favourite dinners waiting there, and wine too. We ate and drank and talked. After I proposed, Sonia was in awe and apparently didn’t hear a single romantic word I said… but I was happy to repeat myself! Her eyes teared up and she said yes. We cuddled by the fire for the rest of the evening amidst many tealight candles by the water. Just us, the moon, and a private view of Toronto across the lake.’

dreams palm beach groomdreams punta cana

dreams palm beach bride

Top three things Tyler loves about Sonia: ‘Her giggles. Her eyes. Her heart.’

dreams punta cana weddings

Top three things Sonia loves Ty: ‘His loyalty. How loving he is. How Tyler is always there for people, puts others ahead of himself, and loves to help others in any way he can.’

dreams wedding first lookfirst look destination wedding

Sonia: ‘I love that Tyler is very poetic, a modern day Shakespeare!’

dreams palm beach

Tyler: ‘I love how much Sonia cares about everything. And I mean everything! The way she smiles and how cute she is even when she gets angry or frustrated. I appreciate her entirely and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life showing her that.’

dreams palm beach wedding

Sonia: ‘Ty showed me how to love again, broke down my walls and allowed me to love again. He pushes me to confront my fears, he loves life BIG!!! And pushes me to do the same.’

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Sonia: ‘I really appreciate that when we are walking on the sidewalk, Ty always maneuvers himself to be on the side where there are cars to protect me if anything were to happen. Also, when I’m exhausted from a day of work he always gives me a foot massage. His hugs are the best healing hugs.’

punta cana jellyfish weddingsjellyfish love sign

Sonia’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘chocolate and the Bachelor / Bachelor Pad. Also, red velvet cupcakes, fine gourmet cheese with a bottle of sangria, and smoked salmon.’

punta cana jellyfish brides

Tyler’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Stunt driving, massaging Sonia & cuddling.’jellyfish punta cana sunset weddingunique destination wedding

Ideal day together according to Tyler: ‘Any day where she and I are together and happy…but if I could choose…

We’d wake up in an exotic place, have a great big breakfast out on a patio, someplace like Hawaii or Venice. Then we would walk around popping into little shops, tasting and exploring the area. We’d have a late lunch, something new and delicious, followed by an adventurous excursion (scuba diving or waterfall repelling). Maybe a boat ride or even a hot air balloon ride! Sky is the limit!Then in an extremely romantic setting we would have a gourmet dinner, watching the sunset over water. We would then make our way to a beach fire or maybe a rooftop terrace. There, we would cuddle up and fall asleep in each others arms. I would then take her home and tuck her into bed.’

jellyfish punta cana weddings

Ideal day together according to Sonia: ‘a day of pampering and nourishment at the Scandinave (my favourite healing centre/spa), surrounded by nature. Then an adventures road trip discovering new areas… followed by indulging in great wine & cheeses.’

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Tyler: ‘How is my life different because of Sonia? No more leaving the toilet seat up… no more hungry man dinners, no more wearing dirty clothes… I dress better. I have better health. I have learned so much. She keeps me on the path I need to be on. I am more complete,feel stronger, more capable. I feel like I want to give her everything. She makes me happy and proud and just has enhanced my life in every way.’

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Fairlytale, right?! Dearest Sonia & Tyler! You two are so precious!! Wishing you the WORLD … and all the happiness you deserve!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE, K+R. 



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