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February 16, 2013

Caitlin & Rob first met at a local ‘townie bar’ called the Royal Hotel.  She was out for a friend’s birthday, and Rob was out on a pub crawl.  Rob remembering that night: ‘she caught my eye from across the bar, and once I mustered up the courage to go and talk to her, the first line out of my mouth was “So do you work here?”  She thought I was asking her if she worked at the bar – definitely not my best work.  I quickly took my foot out of my mouth and we talked for the rest of the night.  When we were leaving the bar, I offered to walk her home.  Despite the fact that it was -30 and totally the wrong way, we talked and walked and talked some more.  I gave her a kiss on the cheek, and we said our goodbyes.  I don’t remember walking home because I was on cloud nine and suddenly the temperature didn’t seem so cold!’

What Rob didn’t realize until much much later was that Caitlin remembered him from high school.  Apparently, when he was in grade 12 and Caitlin was in grade 9, he used to steal her animal crackers during math tutoring at lunch time.  She claims that Rob was flirting with her tutor; Rob is convinced that he was just laying the groundwork for much later!

Rob popped the question after 5 years together.

One morning after getting a hair cut, he decided that Caitlin’s old family cottage would be the perfect place to propose; it held a lot of sentimental meaning to his Beloved. A quick trip to check it out revealed that the new owners weren’t home – it was as good a time as ever.

When Rob got back, he convinced Caitlin that they should go for a drive to ‘check out the old cottage.’ When their SUV pulled up to the place, Caitlin was worried they would get into trouble if they trespassed, so … Rob literally had to drag her by the wrist to get her down to the water!  Rob recalls, ‘I asked her to look at something behind her on the water, so that when she turned around I was down on one knee, ring in hand.  Caitlin quickly backed up and started yelling at me: “If this is a joke, it’s not funny!”  Once I convinced her to come close enough to me, everything went great and she said YES!’

Caitlin & Rob are such sweethearts. They are tender, loving, generous and funny… We had a soft spot for them even before we met them, especially once we learned of their devotion to wine (they live within 10 km  of about 30 wineries!), their love of cats and the TV show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’…

(My) Rob & I were so grateful for reliving our own wedding through Rob & Caitlin, because they too chose Dreams Palm Beach and Jellyfish Restaurant for their wedding. It was absolutely perfect!

‘First Look’ at the private gazebo at Dreams Palm Beach.

Jellyfish Restaurant, Punta Cana… our favourite wedding venue in the universe! 🙂

These two were SO in love, I had to take their portrait!

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  1. Diane Bolton

    February 16th, 2013 at 19:36

    These photos are fabulous!! Caitlin and Rob are a gorgeous couple and so in love. They are absolutely the cutest couple I have ever seen!!

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