dreams palm beach + jellyfish wedding. {krista + pat}

June 29, 2013

Krista had a huge crush on Pat. They worked together at a retail store and every time she came home from work, Krista would tell her mom all about the hilarious things Pat had done that day – whether he sang random songs or danced on the poles in the store. ‘I always looked forward to the shifts we worked together because he always kept me laughing,’ Krista says. Eventually, Pat left the store and started working out of town. They kept in touch sporadically, but lost touch until a movie night and drinks with mutual friends brought them back together. Krista recalls, ‘thanks to some liquid courage on my part, I made the first move and kissed him. I found out later that Pat had been really interested in me for a while as well, but being a shy guy, he didn’t want to make the first move. Thank goodness I did!’

Pat proposed at the stunning Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet, British Columbia. Pat was so excited and nervous – ‘I was really afraid that Krista would find the ring or that I would lose it before I gave it to her, so I was checking every 3 seconds to make sure I still had it. It was surprisingly nerve racking even though I was sure she would say yes… I even got down on my bad knee to ask!’  He popped the question at a little rocky ledge that had an amazing view of the ocean, as Krista looked out to the horizon for whales.

It was finally time for their perfect Punta Cana wedding at Dreams Palm Beach and Jellyfish Restaurant…

Three things Pat loves about Krista: ‘I love when she gets goofy and sings. I love that she is level headed, smart, sweet and sexy (the 3 S’s). Also, that she is always planning ahead and wanting to try lots of new things.’

Three things Krista loves about Pat: ‘he makes it his job to make me laugh when I’m down or pouty. He’s very caring and giving. I really love Pat’s upbeat and positive personality.’

Perfect bridesmaids gifts from Red-i by Chelsea, our favourite wedding jewelry designer! 

The First Look at the secret gazebo, Dreams Palm Beach. 

‘With Krista, I have a partner. We get to plan our lives together and it is fun and easy to do so.’

‘Pat is always there for me and supports me, he is someone that I get to go on adventures with and build a life with. He’s like my cheering squad in everything I do. We’re opposites, but we complement each other well. I am more outgoing because of him, and have been able to experience new things and places because of being with him. He has expanded my life in so many ways.’

Rocky road to the one & only, Jellyfish. 

Before the guests arrive, Krista & Pat exchange love letters… 

‘I love how our personalities complement the other: I’m loud, annoying, and goofy; Krista is smart, quiet and a great listener who is not afraid to state her mind.’

‘Pat knows when I need help or when something will make my life easier, and he’ll just go ahead and do it without even mentioning anything. He instinctively knows when I’m cold and will warm me up. I can tell him anything, and I know he will always give me his honest opinion and never judge.’

For the ceremony, Krista & Pat requested that the guests come ‘unplugged’ and leave their photo/video – taking devices behind. As photographers, we can’t tell you how wonderful that was and how much of a difference that made for the ceremony atmosphere. What a great idea! 

The next morning, Krista & Pat joined us on the Dreams Palm Beach beach for a magical Rock the Dress / couples boudoir session. Here’s a teaser… enjoy the entire post HERE…

Krista & Pat, you two are such an amazing couple! So elegant, easy to be around and full of love. Thank you, THANK YOU for letting us be a part of your Big Day…

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