dreams palm beach + jellyfish wedding. {ashley + brendan}

April 6, 2013

One fateful day some 6 years ago, Brendan, a commercial plumber and gasfitter by trade, agreed to help Ashley’s sister-in-law Sarah with a renovations project. Booya! Sarah literally cornered this handsome young man and asked him if he was single and open to taking her sister-in-law out on a date, pointing to a picture of Ashley. The next day, Sarah confessed that she had passed along contact information to Brendan. I was beyond mortified, but had to laugh at how persistent and caring she was,’  Ashley recalls. Brendan emailed her right away and their first date followed – dinner and live music. They immediately discovered how much they had in common. It felt all-consuming and perfect, like reconnecting with your best friend that you haven’t met until this moment.  From here on, Ashley & Brendan have been inseparable. ‘We are forever thankful for Sarah, our cupid!’

Brendan proposed at the most romantic place you can find yourself in the city on Christmas Eve – on the front steps of the Edmonton Legislature Building.  He timed it perfectly, as the whole grounds were lit up in Christmas lights and joyous, uplifting music played in the background.  He even remembered to bring a camera and had someone photograph the whole proposal.

It’s always so nice to receive couples from our hometown of Edmonton, Alberta here in Punta Cana! Ashley & Brendan also chose the same resort (Dreams Palm Beach) and wedding venue (Jellyfish) as we did. It was really special to reminisce about our own wedding through theirs. Ashley & Brendan are absolute sweethearts!! Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!! xoxo

Brendan waiting for his Love at the secret garden gazebo at Dreams Palm Beach, First Look. 

Ashley floated down the aisle to Sigur Ros. How incredible, it made everyone’s hearts melt. (The sun might have done a little damage too!) 🙂

Mayte created one of the most unique and visually stunning decor sets that Jellyfish restaurant has seen…

Ashley & Brendan share our love for Costa Rica. Their most romantic memory was in Mal Pais, when they rented a room on stilts overlooking the ocean.  ‘We spent an entire night nestled in a hammock on the balcony together with nothing but the stars above us, ocean waves and a bottle (or two!) of red wine.  It was absolute perfection.’

Before the guests arrive, Ashley & Brendan exchange gifts. For Ashley, a gorgeous Gucci watch. For Brendan, a saucy night table Boudoir book.

Tribute to their ‘babies’ Winston & Leo, adorable min pins waiting at home. 

Famous fresh Jellyfish lobster under champagne sauce. It’s poetry.

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  1. katrina

    April 7th, 2013 at 14:34

    These are amazing pictures!! Well done!

  2. Vaughn Barry Photography

    April 13th, 2013 at 07:50

    SO beautiful, love your attention to detail! Love the Bridal portraits on the beach 🙂 Great work!!

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