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April 17, 2013

Jessica & Kelsey were introduced by their best friends almost 10 years ago. They dated for 5 years, but then broke up for 2… years… It took Kelsey some heartfelt begging for Jess to give him another shot and now, 3 years later, they tied the knot!

We connected with them deeply even before meeting  – and their wedding turned out to be one of the coolest, wildest and most emotional ones yet. What else could we expect from a fire fighter / an ER nurse and their awesome Manitoba crew?! We just love them so.

3 things Kelsey loves about Jess: ‘she is absolutely stunning and is completely out of my league. Jess is supportive in all my crazy ideas. Also, she is so gullible, it makes me laugh every day!’
3 things Jess loves about Kelsey: ‘most of all, his sense of humour, he keeps me laughing non-stop!), he remembers all my favourite things (it surprises me sometimes how great his memory is!), and his thoughtfulness.’

Kelsey had planned a big surprise engagement party with all of their family and friends, who were all anxiously waiting for the happy couple to walk through the door – now Kelsey just had to propose. The perfect moment came at a park while walking their dog. ‘I was trying to find a nice area to propose, but we got lost and Jessica was getting pissed off. When we finally got out of the bush, we sat down on the bench and I was showing her some pictures I had taken on the back of my new camera. I took a picture of her ring earlier in the day, so when she was flipping through the pics she saw it. That’s when I pulled the ring out and asked her to marry me.’

Jess remembers this as the most romantic memory they’ve had, ‘it was absolutely perfect, I loved that we were alone to actually get engaged.’ They had a great supper with immediate families and then got to party all night long with closest friends and everyone who supported them in getting back together. Another amazing surprise was that Kelsey had flown Jessica’s brother in from Calgary for this celebration. ‘I could never have imagined it happening any other way,’ Jess says.

Their love story was almost a decade in the making – it was finally time for this dream Jellyfish Punta Cana wedding!! What’s most exciting to Rob & I is that we get to make more memories with Jess & Kels at their friends’ wedding in Tofino, BC in June. Can’t wait to see you soon! Hope you enjoy reliving this amazing day through our eyes and hearts.

Jessica’s dad watched his beautiful girl from above. She turned his favourite shirt into a touching, sweet, and fashionable memento for her wedding gown.

First Look… ‘Our Song,‘ Ellie Golding. 

Guilty pleasures: Kelsey, ‘great homemade food and some form of reality TV;’ Jess, ‘red wine, reading US magazine online, and watching the Bachelor.’

‘Jess makes my life better because we are a such a good team and I get to spend everyday with my best friend.’

‘With Kels, everything’s right. I’ve never imagined spending forever with anyone other than him and I honestly can’t explain it, but I feel like I was made for him. We just go together in a way that I’ve never been able to explain.’

Our beautiful Mayte… I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen her sitting down! 🙂

Dear Randene & Ty!! We are counting down the days until your Tofino wedding!! xoxo

Taste-testing 🙂

Rock the Dress at sunrise. LOVE.

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  1. Gosia

    April 17th, 2013 at 10:50

    As always BEAUTIFUL. You really know how to capture those people moments in peoples lives. I think your incredible.

    Thanks for sharing love.

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