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June 17, 2012

I keep wanting to share what goes on behind the scenes, but there’s always something in the way. Life gets in the way. So I’ll just go for it with this quick update. I’m writing this, sitting in my parents’ kitchen in Edmonton, AB. Still jet-lagged and confused from our amazing honeymoon New York trip, I’m sipping on a glass of wine, thinking about how much has happened since I was last here. The last time I sat at this table was the day Rob & I left for Punta Cana. Last September we went after our dream of running our wedding & intimate portraits photography business from the Caribbean.

It’s been a very steep learning curve. Over the last 9 months, we’ve experienced both brutal rejection & sweet successes, insane culture shock & blissful Punta Cana paradise. We’ve been hurtfully deceived and have bounced back stronger.

It’s been amazing … exhausting … and rewarding.

We’re so honored that many brides are now starting their Punta Cana wedding planning by first asking us for advice. I’ve been a slave to the email machine, so I’m excited to share that there’s a FREE E-BOOK in the works. It will be the result of all the ‘blood, sweat & tears’ of shooting & experiencing weddings all over Dominican Republic as well as having lived through our own destination wedding here.

Many photographers have been curious about how we got to where we are – so we’re experimenting with offering ‘apprentice retreats.’ So excited about this – my first two photographers are coming to join me in Punta Cana this very weekend! (In fact, I’m shooting an Edmonton wedding this Saturday & catching a red-eye back to Punta Cana to get things ready for their arrival next day. I feel like a rockstar, but without all the glamour & groupies) 🙂

Over the summer, I’ll be flying back & forth between Punta Cana & Canada, while Rob does his Yoga Teacher training. I think I might be more excited about this than he is!!! Although at this point, he probably would have done anything to get out of the intense Dominican heat!

And here are a few new cool things in our little world:

– photobooth! we got a bunch of awesome props in new york. punta cana brides – you’ll loooove what we’re about to start offering!

–  KIA picanto, our new grey shiny car in Punta Cana. it’s the size of a vacuum cleaner. so eco it pretty much runs on our adrenaline.

– underwater equipment – time to evolve our ‘rock the dress’ sessions!

– Canon 5 d III – I want to make out with this camera every time i hold it in my hands.

– we’ve joined INSTAGRAM! follow us @katyanovaphoto

Lastly – my favourite thing about our New York honeymoon earlier this week.

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