cayo levantado bahia principe wedding. {taniya + nick}

May 9, 2013

Remember our first Cayo Levantado wedding? We were so excited to come back here again, this time for Taniya & Nick’s Big Day. This little island just off the coast of Samana is truly magical and has some of the most stunning scenery in Dominican Republic!

We thank Eharmony for bringing these lovebirds together, as this is another great online dating story that celebrates taking happiness into one’s own hands. ‘When the site matched us we knew pretty early there was something special,’ Taniya says. They are so so sweet… and ironically, that’s their new last name!! 🙂

Before sharing their awesome proposal story, I must mention what happened on their second date… Nick took Taniya to play mini golf and they made a bet that if he won, Taniya would drive out to see him in Hamilton, Ontario, and if she won, he would have to plan an amazing date. The game was pretty close, but Nick won… He could tell Taniya was disappointed, so he promised he would still give her that ‘amazing date.’  Fastforward 1.5 years – and still no amazing date!  Just when Taniya stopped anticipating it… ‘Nick told me to pack my bag and said I needed something warm, something dressy, a swimsuit, overnight clothes and to wear something comfortable for the car ride. We then made a 4-hour trip out to a very cozy Inn, where we lit the fireplace and had some wine.’

Next came a romantic wine & cheese event, a fancy dinner and a midnight water spa. By then, Taniya was ready for bed, but Nick insisted they putt on jackets and finish the night with a walk!

‘It was pitch dark and cold outside, I thought he was crazy! He brought me to a clearing, told me to wait and took off.  I was freaking out, I can get pretty scared very easily. He was far away, I couldn’t see what he was doing, then all of a sudden he starts sprinting back towards me!  I seriously thought something was chasing him and was about to start running off in the opposite direction, when fireworks started going off behind him.’ Ahhhhhh!  We women say we want ‘fireworks’ when describing our dream relationship… how cool that Nick took it seriously. During the magnificent show he knelt and proposed.

Their Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado wedding was absolutely fabulous. Taniya & Nick – get a glass of vino and enjoy… Hope you feel the love! xoxo

‘First Look’ on the Cayo Levantado pier…

‘I love how Taniya cares and goes out of her way for everyone, she is intelligent, fun and sexy as hell!’

‘ I love how infectious Nick’s happiness can be… He is strong, independent, and reliable – I can always count on him.’

‘I love how Taniya does small things like making my smoothies in the wee hours of the morning, when she only has three more hours of sleep before her wake up time.’

Simona, the fantastic wedding planner making all the magic happen behind the scenes – thanks for letting me convince you to pose for a portrait, beautiful! 🙂

Reception dinner at Don Pablo restaurant, Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado. 

‘ I love that Nick is so strong, I always feel safe and crave being wrapped in his arms.’

Handmade chocolate heart favours made by Taniya’s wonderful sister.

Ending the night on the disco beach, surrounded by candles lit in their honour…

Wobbling to our room, the last shot of the night… how did the geckos get in there? 🙂

In the morning, we walk to the famous public Bacardi beach for a Rock the Dress session before the first tourist ferry arrives – this is one of my favourites EVER!

I remember saying ‘BAM!!!!!‘ in my head.

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