caleton la palapa wedding. {kara + christopher}

June 26, 2014

Kara & Christopher met through mutual friends in Washington, DC. ‘We were both trying to expand our friend circle, and decided to go to meet-ups through meetup.com! That’s how we met our circle of friends and each other!’

These two were made for each other, with all their wonderful quirks, Kara & Christopher opened up to each other in ways they never had before – and from the very start of their beautiful relationship.

Rob & I were very excited for this wedding especially because it would be our first one at Cap Cana’s Caleton, at their fabulous La Palapa clifftop restaurant. Also, it would be with the extraordinary Mayte Mari & Nati – Punta Cana’s most beloved wedding planners & decorators.

Enjoy this Big Day, as it unfolds in our lovingly styled post!
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Top three things Kara loves about Christopher:

‘1. He is the most relaxed and calming person I’ve ever met. I have a tendency to become easily stressed out and Christopher has a way of calming me like no one else.

2. Christopher really cares for me and has from the very beginning. Just a few weeks into our relationship, I had surgery. A little later in the year, I got sick. Very sick. He took care of me during each bout of sickness and didn’t let it prevent us from having a wonderful time on our trip to Montreal. Less than 6 months into our relationship, I was so impressed by how we just rearranged our plans (with an emphasis on FOOD) instead of letting it ruin our trip. Christopher’s willingness to take care of me during the bad times was how I first knew that he was the one.

3. Christopher is so encouraging. He truly wants me to be happy, even if it means spending a little more of our money on a hobby that I really enjoy. To him, my happiness is more important than money or any other material item. I’ve never found someone so supportive. I LOVE him.’

caleton wedding

What a wonderful idea for vows – Kara & Christopher’s were beautifully handwritten and rolled up into a scroll, to be kept in a vintage glass bottle… vows in a bottle

Anna Nuet doing her thing! She really is as talented as she’s beautiful and dedicated to her Brides. Really.
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Our beautiful Kara and her favourite ladies get ready for the day in a breezy palapa near the beach… punta cana photographers

Christopher: ‘My most romantic memory was our trip to Montreal.  It was supposed to be full of a lot of touristy options but instead of all that we decided it should be just about us. We spent so much time just talking and enjoying each other’s company as we skipped from restaurant to café to our hotel. I just love spending time with her exploring great and fun new places together!’

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Top three things Christopher loves about Kara:

‘1. She cares a lot about everything she does. She won’t put herself into anything, including our relationship, unless she fully believes in it. She loves to volunteer and take care of the horses at the horse protection league. I love that about her. 

2. Kara is very detail-oriented and helps me keep my life far more organized than I could do without her. A lot of the things we do are orchestrated by her. In my life before Kara, I was flying by the seat my pants far too often! 

3. She is very smart.  Even if Kara doesn’t think so at times, she’s the smartest girl I’ve ever met! (She learns new board games very fast and often comes up with new game plans that I had not even considered at all.)’

punta cana brides

Ideal day together according to Kara: ‘We LOVE our Lazy Sundays! Every Sunday, we wake up, clean, go grocery shopping, cook, lay around, watch TV, read, do whatever we want! It sounds so boring, but it’s our favourite time. Our weeks can be crazy between work and all of our hobbies, but our Sundays are about doing absolutely nothing together and I love it!’

caleton punta cana wedding

Ideal day together according to Christopher: ‘Attempting new crazy challenges while exploring Colorado like our 2,000 feet climb in elevation to the top of Mount Flora(From 11,500’ – 13,500’).  Trying a new delicious restaurant as we explore all the new restaurants Denver has to offer (Beau Jo’s Pizza right after getting altitude sickness from our climb up a mountain).’ 

la palapa wedding photos

Kara on the proposal: ‘We had talked about getting married and buying a ring. We went to the jewelry store and Christopher let me pick out my ring. The ring was supposed to be ready for pick up in 3 days. Christopher informed me that even though I got to pick it out, I’d have to wait for him to propose. He picked up the ring on a Wednesday. Wednesday came and went. No proposal. Thursday came and went. No proposal. Friday came. By 7pm on Friday, I couldn’t wait anymore! I am really the most impatient person ever! So I started to bug him… Eventually he said, “Do you want me to do this right now?!” and I said, “YES!!” And he did! Honestly, I sort of like the story. I AM impatient and Christopher loves me anyway. So, no, we don’t have a huge proposal story that involves a ballpark or something else spectacular, but our proposal is very US.’

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‘Because of Christopher, my life is filled with so many more wonderful people. I tend to be very introverted and could easily spend Friday nights on the sofa doing my own thing! He’s sort of the perfect balance of going out and staying in. I’m glad that he sometimes pushes me outside of my comfort zone so that I can get to know the wonderful people that we’ve met in Colorado so far.’

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Favourite guilty pleasures:

Kara: ‘Going out to eat and desserts. I love, love, love desserts!’

Christopher: ‘Playing video games or watching a show all day long and getting nothing done.’

wedding cupcakes


What did you love most about your Wedding?

‘We loved working with Mayte! It sounds silly but she took care of everything so we could just focus on each other and our loved ones, which was so important to us. She really is the most wonderful wedding planner in the Dominican!’


Any regrets? What would you have done differently if you could?

‘Absolutely no regrets! Our day was perfect and we loved every minute!’


Most memorable moments?

‘Our First Look and our “first look” at Mayte’s decor at La Palapa. Everything was so incredibly beautiful. Christopher looked so great in his suit and his reaction to seeing me was so special. I’m so glad we were able to have such a special moment in such an AMAZINGLY beautiful place!’

‘We loved the crazy dancers! It was so awesome to see the surprised look on our loved ones’ faces. We were so worried that no one would dance at our wedding, but the crazy dancers got EVERYONE dancing! We were so happy!’

‘We loved being able to create a wicked first dance (we swing dance), even if we messed up a few times. All of our guests loved it and that was the first time our parents had seen us dance!’

‘Last but not least, my little sister’s speech was so special to me. I couldn’t help but tear up!’


Comments about vendors, resort etc

‘We loved every single one of our vendors! We had a wedding dream team! Mayte and Natalia made beautiful decorations and kept everything running smoothly. They really pulled through for us at the last minute and we can never thank them enough. They are the sweetest, warmest people and we wish them so much happiness!

My other vendors were also amazing – Anna Nuet made my girls are I look so beautiful, Katya, Rob, and Lacy were such a fun team to have on our day and we’re so excited to see the photos! Florian from Cinema and Motion was so professional and produced a beautiful wedding video, Pastor York‘s ceremony was perfect, Ana Luisa and staff at La Palapa were behind all the delicious food and helped to keep everything running smoothly, everyone loved our DJ and MC and the crazy hour performers! I could really go on and on! Weddings can be stressful and I’m just so grateful to each one of my vendors for making us feel so relaxed and happy on our wedding day.’


Advice for future brides?!

‘Don’t let your guests stay at a different resort than the one you’ve selected! If you have to make any last minute changes (like we did) it is so difficult to communicate with them! There was also transportation issues because I couldn’t tell them exactly where transportation would pick them up, since I wasn’t staying at that resort. 

Also, try to have everything planned and ready to go before you leave, if you can, so you can fully enjoy your vacation with loved ones!’


Kara & Christopher, wishing you a lifetime of awesomeness, amazing new travels & memories, kick-ass meals … and exciting board games … hehe! xoxo K+R.

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