burning man wedding. {jasmine + holmar}

October 24, 2014

All it took was one degree of separation and we were documenting an incredible wedding at Burning Man. It was our dream for so long and it finally came true, on our third time out at Black Rock City. Surreal!! 

Jasmine & Holmar are a very special and unique couple, but there’s something else that made their Wedding even more unique and special. They met at Burning Man. They fell in love at Burning Man… Friends told them it was just ‘playa love,’ but they persisted and their relationship survived, blossomed.

Rob & I knew this wedding would be super cool and intense. So many emotions, amplified by the wonderful chaos of the Playa… Everyone did their best to contribute and support Jasmine & Holmar (and show up!), but not quite everything went according to plan. I can’t think of a more challenging environment to plan an incredible and complex event like this – and Jasmine did a PHENOMENAL job!

My personal experience on the playa and getting married was definitely a challenge, but a good challenge. It was extremely hard to keep tabs on people (at least in a ‘normal’ wedding setting you have technology on your side). We found out later there were several points of miscommunication. A lot of people missed the wedding because they either got the day wrong or passed out and slept through it, hehe!’

The attention to detail and all the hard work Jasmine, Holmar & their tribe put into this Day was so impressive (holy shit so much talent). The loving vibes of everyone at Heart Phoenix played a big part too… we love our new friends!

burning man weddingburning man weddingburning man wedding shoesburning man wedding photosheart phoenix wedding

Anne Kohlhagen lovingly and skillfully turned Jasmine into a GODDESS! burning man wedding 2014Here’s Greg Liburd … he didn’t give me a smile all day, probably because he was so focused on the cinematography! (Can’t wait to see your video, Greg!)
burning man wedding costumeIncredible team effort on the Wedding lunch… I helped with the polenta, hehe! (Kudos to Madhi, Yashoda & their helpers!)
burning man wedding catering

The night Holmar & Jasmine met, she was wearing a scandalously sexy all-white bodysuit number along with a sleek purple wig. She spotted him at a party and recognized him immediately as the hot Icelandic DJ from the big-deal deep house duo DJ Thugfucker‘We ended up having a chat and I was completely smitten. He was and still is, the most charming and humble person I know.’ Right then, it came to light that they had many friends in common, it was surprising they hadn’t connected before. ‘Long story short, we really hit it off… I remember at one point Holmar left to freshen up and came back out with a Misty Mate. He started spraying it all over himself in funny dance moves and really cracked me up! I will never forget that moment.’

Holmar on meeting Jasmine: ‘I was fading after a looooong night of debauchery fun, but caught a second wind after seeing Jasmine. She was wearing a purple wig and and a white body suit and I thought to myself, who is this goddess? I had upon till this point in my life been very shy to engage in conversation with someone like her, but decided that it was time to let go of my fears and said ‘fuck it,’ somewhat inspired by a monologue I had heard by none other than Ice-T himself. We proceeded to have a really nice conversation and I even took a shower break, emerging back in my lifeguard outfit. I was also armed with a ‘misty mate’ (our camp was called Beach Club) and a giant beach chair. I eventually started to fade and as much as I wanted to keeping talking, I thought it was better to ‘retire’ than fall asleep in front of her. All I could do was hope that our stars were aligned and I would see her again.’

jasmine holmar weddingburning man group wedding

Much later that night they met, after getting separated from friends, Jasmine decided to take a chance and ride her bike back to Holmar’s camp in the hopes of seeing him one more time, if any.

Jasmine: ‘I found him talking to his friend Chris Milo (DJ Three) and immediately I could tell Holmar hinted to Chris that talking to me was important… The rest kinda became history. I ended up following him around to most of his parties at Burning Man. This was also the year of that incredible Blue Moon. I even remember reading my horoscope for that year; it said I was going to find someone magical around that time and the Blue Moon would be in perfect alignment.’ 

Holmar: ‘She showed up again alone in a very different outfit, still as amazingly beautiful as I remembered. We figured out that our paths had almost crossed so many times in so many different ways in the past, that it seemed almost impossible we had not met before. She had even been in a cubicle at Nickelodeon next to my good friend, studio partner and music collaborator Elliot Taub for 7 years without us meeting! Yet there we were, two New Yorkers on the Playa meeting for the first time. I gave Jasmine a tarot card reading… It was shortly followed by our first kiss (and lots of other kind of x-rated fun)… It was a very cosmic moment, and I fell deeply in love with her, right there and then. 

Before the Burn I had decided to move away from NY to Berlin that fall, but after spending a couple of weeks with her while I was moving out of my place, I changed my mind. When I left to go on tour in Europe, I could not imagine being without her there, so it only made sense to stay in Brooklyn to live close to her.  It was the best decision I have ever made.’

wedding at burning manburning man shoesunique burning man weddings

The gorgeous and lovely Nabila, who is was responsible for introducing me to Jasmine in New York! Love this girl. nabila valentin burning man

Jasmine, on falling in love at Burning Man: ‘We had several ‘big’ moments on the playa … sharing our life stories and bonding even more deeply when we went to to the Temple together; watching the Man burn together; helping people together; Holmar was even my saviour when I sprained my wrist on the playa. He is true gentleman … and a hot one at that!’

burning man brideThe fabulous Michael Banks, another one of Jasmine’s ‘hoes’ aka bridesmaids.  🙂
burning man wedding

While Jasmine was getting glammed up, Holmar was running errands, rounding up his ‘homies’ and enjoying the pre-Wedding jitters. Here are a few moments inside the Heart Phoenix art car, before meeting his Beloved Jasmine for the First Look. holmar dj weddingkatya nova burning manburning man wedding photos

Jasmine designed the gown and had a couple of close friends help her bring the vision to life. An absolute dream come true! The stunning headdress was hand-made by Jasmine herself.

burning man bridessexy burning man bridecreative burning man weddingwedding photojournalism burning manburning man brides

With Greg, Holmar’s best man.emotional burning man weddingburning man first look

Jasmine: ‘My favourite moment was when Holmar was finally ‘found’ again (on the afternoon or our Wedding). Phew… talk about almost having a nervous breakdown. I remember all the emotions building up inside of me and just being completely relieved that he was back and near me. It definitely shows in our First Look photos!’ 

first look playa wedding burning man weddingburning man weddingsburning man wedding photographerjh-0928-2 blheart phoenix weddingburning man weddingburning man in lovewedding burning manburning man crotchburning man weddingsunset wedding burning man

A little sage before the ceremony. sunset burning man weddinglove burning man weddingplaya wedding katya novaburning man wedding imagesburning man wedding

Jasmine: ‘I loved the ride over as the sun was coming down. I also LOVED seeing so many people who share in the love of us and our union when I finally came out. It truly touched me on so many levels. It was everything I envisioned it to be and a million times more. When I was exiting the art car to the Star Wars theme and came out to see the immense crowd, I was so overwhelmed by everyone’s energy. All I saw was a never-ending sea of smiling faces.’

burning man weddingsburning man prosecco

groom burning man wedding

Prosecco out of the bottle on the job — only at Burning Man!  🙂katya nova burning manburning man temple weddingplaya wedding 2014burning man wedding ceremonyembrace wedding photosunique burning man weddingsunique burning man wedding

Dax Lee, perfect job officiating. burning man embrace wedding ceremony

Jasmine: ‘Another magical thing that not a lot of people know about is that before we had even decided to get married with Heart of Phoenix, Holmar & I had already picked out what our first child’s name was going to be… Phoenix (whether a boy or a girl). The serendipity of that realization as it was happening blew me a way. Also, most of our friends happened to have already been camping there as well. It was meant to be.’

Holmar: ‘My favourite parts of the day were probably hearing the speeches from my best man Greg Oreck and Jasmine’s best lady Nabila Valentin. The combination of their words and feeling the outpouring love energy from all of friends who had gathered there from all corners of the world there brought me to tears!’

jh-2403 bl

One of their good friends, Daniel Eiba, sent a Drone to document the ceremony: here’s my fave shot. Amazing! drone burning man wedding 2014

burning man wedding portraits

Zebra!!zebra likes photos

Holmar: ‘The wedding was a real team effort on both of our parts. Jasmine handled the things that needed to be done before we got to the playa, and I took care of getting us there and everything that would happen after we got there. It really proved to us how well we work together as a couple. You can always expect the unexpected at Burning Man, but our wedding turned out better than we could ever have imagined!’

embrace burning man weddingburning man embrace wedding

Wow, right?!

{My biggest regret is that we weren’t able to link up with Jasmine & Holmar for a sunrise session on the Playa… so hopefully, we’ll get a chance to reconnect for an Anniversary session in a couple of years}


Something very special came together organically that week (other than this amazing Wedding): Rob & I got to document the love of two other Couples whom we totally adore. Pete & Caren celebrated their one year anniversary (met & fell in love on the Playa!) and Jana & Mark, who came to the desert with a ‘baby Roemer’ pregnant belly of 7 months. They too, met & fell in love at Burning Man! I’ll be sharing a special Feature called ’10 THINGS I LEARNED ABOUT LOVE AT BURNING MAN 2014′ next week, so stay tuned!

For now, here are a couple of ‘teasers’ (you can figure out who’s who, haha!)

burning man sunset photosburning man pregnant


To Jasmine & Holmar: You two are such an inspiration. Your faith in the power of love, uncompromising dedication to finding joy in every living-breathing moment, playful attitudes, and an unwavering connectedness to each other — well, you already have everything you need for a solid marriage and journey together. LOVE LOVE LOVE   K+R.


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    Absolutely incredible Katya. Unbelievable!

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    October 24th, 2014 at 19:44

    solid set here! and a great shot of Hybycozo at the end as well.

  3. Danique Rowsell

    October 24th, 2014 at 20:25

    un-effing-real, Katya! this is you, in every single picture. some ppl spend their whole lives finding their place. you’ve snuggled right in and made it home. so happy for you. and your friends.

    (the picture with the tear coming down her face? seriously??!)

  4. Nicolas De Panam

    October 24th, 2014 at 20:36

    Absolutely gorgeous ! Please do it again !

  5. Jennifer Pennington Photography

    October 24th, 2014 at 21:14

    Gorgeous, and so refreshingly different. What fun!

  6. Mitya Savelau

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    love these! Congrats again Jazzy!

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