Beachy Marketing. Off to DR!

November 13, 2010

One countdown after another, the biggest one of all has been our upcoming trip to Dominican Republic. I haven’t really lifted my head, racing against time to catch up on everything we’ve done this summer and fall. Now that the pile of work is finally diminishing and doesn’t make me faint, it really hit me, I’m leaving in just two sleeps! Nervous and excited, I wonder what this trip will hold for us. I’m expecting most resorts to turn us down and send us packing… But not all, right?! Some days will surely be hopeful and memorable, others will probably make me want to sit by the ocean, bury my toes in the sand and hug my knees. Either way, bring it on.

Here’s the marketing piece we just ordered for the trip, it’s a pocket-sized 2011 calendar lovingly made using a Design Aglow template (oh how I love them). It’s being printed by WHCC and should arrive just before it’s time for Rob to join me in Dominican Republic!

I’m really pumped to share the ups & downs with you here on the blog. Destination Wedding Photography is not an easy piece of pie, but our hearts and minds are open to whatever may come of it. We are also preparing to launch a new service & product line for couples in love, so stay tuned!So, what do you think?

Are you in Dominican Republic between Nov 16th and Christmas? Let’s hang out!    email us |   let’s connect on facebook &  twitter



  1. katia

    November 19th, 2010 at 20:57

    katusha privet, vot reshila zabezat’ na tvoi blog to see what you are up to. soskuchilas voobzem 🙂 are you in dominican still?


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