barcelo bavaro palace deluxe wedding. {carla + mike}

March 26, 2013

It was Carla’s first day at work, orientation day – and Mike, having heard that there was this new hottie, did everything in his power to sneak a few peeks at her. After that day, she was sent away to another site and knew nothing of Mike’s existence. That is, until she was transferred back to the head office and was told she was to report to … ‘this very cute blue-eyed handsome creature in the corner’ – Mike! Carla recalls, ‘ I know some say love at first sight is just a fairytale of sorts, but I do believe that between the way he felt when he first saw me and the way I felt when I first laid eyes on him, we knew we were meant to be together.’ From then on the flirting and dating began.

Mike & Carla are such sweethearts. For their first anniversary, Mike’s gift to Carla was a heart-shaped necklace; but he didn’t just give it to her, he lovingly placed it under her pillow because he knew that’s where she always put her hand. Amazing. Mike says that without a doubt, Carla has made his life more complete. They have shown each other how to be more patient, fun-loving, and realistic.

Mike proposed the day after their anniversary, right after Carla’s last school exam. Restaurant choice – the amazing River House Grill in St. Albert, Alberta … the same place where he asked Carla to be his girl five years earlier. Carla recalls, ‘we reminisced about the past 5 years together and once dinner was done we walked back to the car and he was so affectionate, I thought the night couldn’t get any better! He then started to read the label on the garbage can and I wasn’t sure why, so I kept walking and a second later there was a tug of my hand… I turned around to him on one knee asking me to marry him in the exact same spot he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was beyond overjoyed i couldn’t stop crying to say yes. It was absolutely perfect.’

And so was their Punta Cana wedding at the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe resort!! We loved spending time with them and all of their guests – we haven’t been around so many Albertans since our own wedding last year! Carla & Mike – you guys are awesome!! Many many many more happy years! We can’t wait to hear from you when your family is growing and it’s time for another session! xoxo

What’s a way your fiancé can make you melt?

‘He has this thing that he does that if he knows I am upset or mad he looks at me and says “I love yoooouuuuu” in a really goofy way. It’s so cute.’ 

‘When she cuddles up in behind me and we lay and cuddle on the couch.’

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  1. Maxime

    April 10th, 2013 at 18:11

    Hello! We want to go to Barcelo Bavaro Beach or Deluxe for our wedding in 2014 (febr). Did you like your experience ? Do you have advice for us ? If you want to answer: How much you pay for the weeding package on the beach ? How much for the photos ? How much for your guest (fligth+hotel) Thank you !!! Beautifuls pictures !

  2. Carla Stenvold

    May 16th, 2013 at 10:34

    Thanks so much! Katya Nova did an amazing job on the photography. I love my pictures so much i cannot stop looking at them. If you want to know more details about the wedding please email me @ carlastenvold@gmail.com

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