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December 16, 2014

‘I just met the most perfect guy for you!’ yelled one of Pamela’s colleagues, having charged into her office at the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Cody was the ‘Oilers guy’ who at the time was pursuing the opportunity to have the ESO perform the national anthem at an Oilers game. Pam thought nothing of it and soon forgot about the remark. Some time later, she decided to try online dating … and guess who was among her first eHarmony matches?! That’s right, Mr. ‘Oilers guy’!

‘It was after only the first date that I knew I had met the man I was going to spend my life with. Conversation flowed effortlessly over our common interests like festivals, music, marketing, sports and New York, and attraction on all levels was clearly evident… he was the most gorgeous and intelligent man I had ever met! The more we shared with each other, the more our values, goals, and importance of family aligned. Cody has the warmest and most open hearted, he was never guarded with his feelings and emotions. We met at a time when I was recovering from complete burnout on all levels, and without his immediate loving and supportive nature, I don’t think I would have gotten through such a challenging time.’

Perhaps you remember Pam & Cody from our beautiful Altos de Chavon engagement session – the time had now finally come for them to get wed back in Dominican Republic, at the gorgeous Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe resort & Jellyfish Restaurant. Everything was absolutely flawless…

Pam & Cody – you two are amazing human beings, Rob & I are so happy and grateful to have shared in your love and witnessed the birth of your new family! LOVE LOVE LOVE, K+R.

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The amazing Krystie Ann on hair & make-up… krystie ann make up barcelo palace deluxe wedding


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Cody: ‘After our first date on a patio in the summer, I returned home and the moment I sat down, I thought to myself ‘I could see that girl watching TV with me.’ It wasn’t glamorous, but it meant I could see us together forever. Doing the same things, aligned in our values and enjoying life. For our 2nd date Pam picked the movie we saw in theatres, Midnight In Paris. It was the first time a date had ever picked a movie I genuinely wanted to see. That evening I kissed her under a gentle summer rain…’dominican republic bridespunta cana bridebrides punta cana weddings

Top three things Cody loves about Pam: ‘Her gentle demeanour and soul, her beautiful eyes, the way she says ‘good morning’.’

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Top three things Pam loves about Cody:I love Cody’s creativity – the way he writes poetry, how he can improvise a song at the piano; I love his positive outlook and patience; and I love his silliness – whether showcasing his dance moves or doing any one of his many impersonations, he always knows just what to do to make me laugh!’

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Pam on the Proposal:

On the first date, our shared love of New York became a major topic of discussion. Before long, we were booking our flights and planning an incredible 10-day adventure together in the city we loved. Upon arriving and settling into our rental apartment, our first stop was Times Square. It was the one place I knew Cody had always wanted to see and experience. Coming up from the subway station on 42nd Street, the blazing lights of massive jumbotrons, hordes of people and intense energy in Times Square can be extremely overwhelming for anyone. Worried that this was too much to take in for Cody, I got rather nervous as he subsided into a super quiet and passive mood. Eventually we wrangled our way to the heart of the “Crossroads of the World” and stopped in each other’s arms to absorb our surroundings. I had no idea what was coming… Cody was reaching into his jacket pocket to reveal a beautifully unique, custom designed engagement ring. I was absolutely shocked and couldn’t stop staying “oh my god, oh my god…”! Cody will say I freaked out, and I guess I did…but I was so surprised and taken aback that I didn’t know what else to say! Everything Cody said to me at that moment is still a blur, but despite the chaos that surrounded us, it was when I said YES!, that it felt as if time stood still. It was an amazing feeling.’

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Cody on the Proposal:

‘Time stood still and we felt all alone in the world’s busiest zip code. I had the ring in a box in my pocket and proposed before going to the Gardens to watch hockey. I’d wanted to go to NYC my whole life, more than any other place in our galaxy. To be there with Pam – I wanted to propose as soon as I got there so she could be my love for the whole trip… and forever.’

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Ideal day together according to Pam:When we have a free day to enjoy together, we LOVE sleeping in. When we eventually decide to roll out of bed, well make breakfast together. We eat and enjoy our morning coffee while watching HGTV in our pjs, then head to the farmers marketing in the early afternoon. We stroll, people watch, and pick up goodies for a home cooked dinner, then relax at night with a movie and cuddles.’

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Ideal day together according to Cody: ‘Being in New York, sleeping in and listening to the sounds of the traffic on 52nd street. We’d wake up and make breakfast, get ready, do some shopping and people watching and see a show before heading home to relax.’

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Pam:Cody often calls me “muffin squares” or “squares” haha! “Care Bear” evolved into “Square Bear,” which eventually became “Squares”… Other times, it’s “babe,” which may seem typical but it still gives me butterflies when he says it.’

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Most romantic memory together according to Pam: ‘I would have to say our entire trip to New York, or our “engagementmoon” as we like to call it, was the most romantic time we’ve ever had together. The serendipitous proposal kicked off an unforgettable 10 days in a city we love so much. We were both so elated with being a newly engaged couple that everything we did and saw in our jam-packed touristy vacation was so exciting. And the fact that we were so far away from reality and had such a wonderful secret to keep from our loved ones made our trip so amazing. For Cody and I to be together – anonymous souls in a city of millions – starting a beautiful new chapter in our lives in a crazy beautiful place, left us with so many wonderful memories to cherish for our entire lives.’

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Most romantic memory together according to Cody:Much like my lovely bride-to-be, our engagement-moon was something form the movies. But not any movie, I mean the Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris, literally the movie that made me fall in love with Pam forever. NYC was Pam taking the driver’s seat, it was her at the top of her game, and the woman I loved in the city I’ve always dreamed of. I cared for her, proposed to her and admired her.’

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Arriving to Jellyfish Restaurant… jellyfish punta canajellyfish wedding cake

Pam & Cody’s amazing labour of love: unique wedding stationaryjellyfish punta cana weddingjellyfish eggplant charcoal decornew jellyfish decorgorgeous jellyfish weddingsbridal party jellyfish restaurant

Pam: ‘Cody makes me melt when he writes me haikus. I am left completely speechless every time he emails me or texts me or writes me one. I save them all, and reread them when I’m frustrated or upset. The beauty in his words really does put me at ease and at peace, knowing I have the unconditional love and support in him to help me get through a challenging or frustrating time.’

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Cody: ‘Pam is my best friend but also the person I want to raise a family with. Every ‘little’ thing is what I love about her. The collection of recipes she started years before I arrived, the way she says ‘good morning’ or the way she lets me have my career passions.’

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Pam: ‘I appreciate Cody’s simplicity in making me feel so loved. Whether its leaving post-it notes with loving remarks around the house for me to find as I go about my morning routine, or surprising me with a haiku that reflects his love from the deepest place in his heart, or just kissing me on my shoulder every morning when he wakes up… it’s his thoughtful and romantic gestures that fill me up with so much love. More than I ever thought I could contain.’

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Pam’s favourite guilty pleasures: Netflix marathons while eating Dutch chocolate frozen yogurt. And fondue. I can’t get enough of fondue.’

Cody’s favourite guilty pleasures: ‘Eating cheese, lame pop music and making up characters (impressions).’

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What did you love most about your Wedding?

Cody: First look photos! The moment when I was standing there waiting for Pam… I’ll never forget trying to listen for the sound of her dress moving across the blades of grass. Trying to hear her over the ambient music Katya and Rob had playing. The moment Pam’s dress bumped the back of my legs, I couldn’t hear a thing, but felt overwhelmed with joy. Simply powerful!’

Pam: ‘My first dance with my new husband. I had joked early on in our engagement that given Cody’s background in music production, he should compose our first dance song. We never spoke of it again and a short time before we left for the Dominican he surprised me in saying he did! Dancing with him to an original song that he wrote, sang and recorded just for me was such a beautiful gift. And to be dancing on the beach, surrounded by so much love, feeling the ocean breeze in my husband’s arms – it was just magical.’


Any regretS? What would you have done differently if you could?

Cody: ‘I dare not live life with regrets. Everything was perfect!’

Pam: ‘Everything came together so smoothly on, and leading up to, our wedding day that I really can’t think of anything! Perhaps just extending our stay in the DR for another week or a few more days after our wedding would have been great, to allow us more time to relax and enjoy the gorgeous Caribbean as newlyweds.’


Most memorable moments from the Day/Wedding week?


– ‘The First Look changed my life! For real. Words cannot describe the moment Pam’s dress hit the back of my legs, her hands clasped my body and she just held me for a moment. No grandeur in nature has ever struck me with such power. Glad we choose to do that on our Big Day.

– Our ceremony on the pier at the resort was a very memorable moment. Holding Pam’s hand and putting the ring on her finger surrounded by the ocean was amazing.

– I enjoyed seeing my side of the wedding party joining Pam’s side in celebration and in good times.’


‘When I approached Cody at our First Look – I reached my arms around him and held his hands tight. To have that moment to just hold him and feel the powerful rush of his love for me in its purest form as he broke down in tears was an incredible feeling.

– Watching Cody and my mom dance together under the stars to his late mom Christine’s favourite song. The stars were shining ever so brightly that night, as a sign that she was looking down on us with an abundance of love and joy.

– I loved how as an alternative to clinking glasses for Cody and I to kiss, our guests had to read out haikus that they came up with. They were funny and endearing and reminded us how lucky we were to celebrate with such wonderful family and friends.’


Comments about vendors, resort etc

‘The Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe is a gorgeous resort! With many restaurants to choose from, a hidden gem is Hoyo 19 – great food, atmosphere, no fancy dress code and no reservation required. The beach, rooms and wedding coordinators, namely Elizabeth, are top notch and made our stay so wonderful. 

The Jellyfish Restaurant is world class; the chefs care about their recipes and presentation and the coordinators go above and beyond to look after you, even with items not under their direct responsibilities. They just care about you that much. The DJ was also fantastic and had many of our non-dancing guests on the dance floor all night! Our guests raved about how it was the best playlist they have EVER heard!

Pastor Mark delivered a wonderful ceremony for us. He had us laughing and crying and was so engaging with his warm spirit and genuine nature.

Ana Bello from Cake Studio Bavaro was fantastic to work with. She absolutely nailed it with our wedding cake and groom’s cake – they were by far the most delicious cakes we have ever had. She was also very accommodating with our special request of having the cakes both gluten- and dairy-free which we really appreciated.

Krystie Ann did hair and makeup for us ladies and made us all feel so glamorous! Even our makeup withstood the 39 degree heat and humidity with no problem. She was fast, professional, and is incredibly talented. I wish she could glam me up every day!

Katya & Rob are just the most wonderful and genuine people with an exceptional talent to capture heartfelt moments. We had the pleasure of having them photograph our engagement photos so there was no question that we HAD to have them document our wedding day. Having a collection of photos to treasure forever was extremely important to us, and Katya and Rob have left us speechless with stunning snapshots that fill us up with so much emotion every time we look at them.’ 


Any advice for future Brides/Grooms?! 

Cody: ‘For me as a groom it was in the details with my destination wedding. Consider that some guests may experience symptoms from traveling and eating food in a new country. Plan your wedding meals with this in mind as some guests may need simple, natural food options to go alongside the extravagant and gourmet meal choices your vendors provide. Also consider guest’s wishes to jam pack their destination stay with activities; but never let that be a sign of your guest’s disinterest in your big day. Some folks simply need to soak the most value out of their resort package. Finally for grooms, let the day be as magical for your bride as you can possibly afford and manage. Seeing my wife smile, her dress sway in the ocean breeze and her arms around me on the dance floor are memories that do last forever and lift my spirits in the daily grind of the rat race… like Nike said Just Do It!’

Pam:  ‘Once you arrive at your destination, relax and enjoy the company of your loving guests who have committed to being there for you no matter what. What will be, will be, and your wedding day will be absolutely amazing because of the love and people surrounding you. Trust that your vendors are also working very hard to make it a magical day for you because they really are! Let the stress of the “island time” planning go and take in every beautiful moment with your new husband!’



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