banff wedding photographer. {tamara + addison}

November 14, 2012

Tamara is a dear friend who was probably the first diehard fan of my photography. Years ago, she helped me ‘fail forward’ when I came to the Interior Design firm where she worked to sell painting reproductions and a few framed photographs – but it’s my personal work she raved about and suggested I pursue. It wasn’t just the compliment, there was something so genuine, real and irresistibly charismatic about this girl … the way she laughed and the way she cared. We’d become friends and had near-parallel experiences of finding true love. Just over four years later I was photographing her wedding!

Someone truly special would have Tamara’s heart. The way she talked about having Addison in her life gave me shivers. “I love the way he makes me feel so absolutely safe. Not just from external things but the way I can feel how much he loves me shows me that I’m safe from hurt and loneliness and pain at his hands.” How beautiful. When Addison had to pick three things he cherishes about his lover, he picked the ‘Tamara classics’ – her smile, the silly dances she’s constantly doing, and the fabulously spontaneous & unexpected way she is. There’s no need for him to say more – because anyone who’s EVER met Tamara knows that her light-filled, endlessly generous, beautiful, healing, hilarious, and compassionate spirit makes a lasting impression.

On their first date, Tamara & Addison bonded over seeing the movie “How to Train your Dragon.” They now often delight in Disney and Harry Potter marathons on a regular basis. Tamara confesses, “we’re also delightfully dorky, specifically in our unabashed love for Star Wars.” Add their favourite staple of wine & cheese … and life is good!

For Addison, proposing was both a ‘terrifying’ experience and the happiest moment of his life. He knew that Banff, Alberta was Tamara’s favourite place in the world, so a hike up to a beautiful mountain view was the perfect plan. When they finally settled in on their own little private cliff and Addison was taking a few moments to work up the courage to ask … Tamara started crying. Crying, from happiness, at the beauty of the moment, mountains, and sharing it all with her love. Little did she know what was about to happen… Addison… RING… and more happy crying!

Their perfect wedding took place at the Banff Rocky Mountain Resort, nestled among picturesque mountain views of Banff National Park. Tamara & Addison knew the day would fly by in an instant, so they really took care to plan the day in a way that would allow us to make the most memories. My favourite – capturing the first time Tamara’s dad saw her as a bride. So special and moving. Rob’s favourite – capturing the newlyweds sampling beers at Banff Ave Brewing Pub! Such a blast.

Tamara & Addison dearest, cheers to making more memories!!!!!

P.S. It’s from my sweet Tamara that I learned this piece of trivia: Lobsters mate for life. Thanks babe, I feel a tiny bit more guilty admitting that it still remains my favourite meal at weddings! 🙂

P.P.S. Tamara, last, but CERTAINLY not least, I want to thank you for your friendship, unwavering enthusiasm in the way you live life and your faith in me. I adore you. You also gave me the coolest present ANY bride has given me!! (Tamara secretly got in touch with the amazing jewelry designer Chelsea Bond of Red-i by Chelsea and commissioned her to make a necklace to match my wedding bracelet. To see it & more of her amazing work, check out #redibychelsea on Instagram)

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  1. Rebecca

    November 14th, 2012 at 11:21

    These pictures are amazing and perfectly capture what an amazing couple T&A are!
    So talented!

  2. stacy squires

    November 15th, 2012 at 11:33

    very cooool!!! 🙂

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